Friday, March 19, 2010

Hi Lo: March 19th


1. The weather has been quite nice and therefore: a) the snow is almost all gone b) we've resumed our evening family walk c) all of our moods are much brighter. Happy Days!

2. Late last week we spent an overnight at a local hotel with a water park. There's nothing quite like time in the pool, eating out at a restaurant and watching a movie in your room while eating popcorn that unites a family closer. (Of course, all of that time watching your blossoming family will get a mama to thinking about her children growing up too fast)

3. Since I missed out on Hi Lo last week, I've got to add this one: We had our monthly Little Flowers meeting and everyone was in attendance again! We've been on a good roll with happy, healthy girls at every meeting for the last few months. Little Flowers always makes our highs for the week since Lily and I both really enjoy the meetings.

4. Yesterday Lily finished her very last Little Angel Reader test after working our way through it since the beginning of Kindergarten! We've loved this program so much and I hate to see it end. There will be some other reading/language arts/phonics curriculum we'll learn to enjoy, but this one helped Lily progress quite nicely in many areas and we'll miss it.


1. Apparently Lily had some type of allergic reaction or something unknown happened the morning we were to leave for the hotel. It took a bit for the swelling to go down and the corner of her right eye and bridge of her nose took a few days to look normal again. I'm hoping something like this doesn't happen again. Yikes. Here's a photo of it, but this is well after a good amount of the puffiness had gone down:

2. I have less than a week now to come up with Reed's "perfect" birthday gift. I still have got NOTHING. I thought I wanted to give him something significant/thought out/special for his monumental 40th birthday, but for lack of a plan I guess I'm gonna end up getting him something less meaningful. *sigh*

How has your week been? What were your High's and Low's? Have a wonderful Friday!


  1. Poor Lily. That eye looks quite sore:(

    Good luck with the birthday present. Don't they get tougher as we get older?! It's always the thought that counts.

    Sounds like the hotel weekend was fabulous. Glad you guys had such a blast.

    I love the Little Flowers group. Signing Scooks up the day she is old enough.

    Enjoy the weekend and thanks for all the encouragment and prayers this week. I could certainly feel them carrying me the past couple of days:) Happy Solemnity of St. Joseph!!

  2. I am always stuck in the husband gift dept too so I've started to keep some ideas on my iPhone notes - tickets to a Twins game, nice wine and cheeses. Hope you hit on something he will really like!

  3. What about a series of pictures of himself framed - in one of those frames with 3-4 openings - a pic from baby; teen; when you met; now. With a scripture that is meaningful to you about him written onto the mat?? This would be a quick, thoughtful project that he could put above his dresser or desk and be reminded of how much you cherish his WHOLE life, not just the time you have known him. :) Who he was then has shaped who he is now. :)


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