Friday, March 5, 2010

Hi-Lo: March 5th


1. Our family took a late evening walk over the weekend in the bright full moonlight. It was a bit cold, but beautiful and still enough for a precious family memory.

2. The weather has been perfect with warm enough temperatures to get us outside and the sheet of ice is completely melted off of our driveway. New mud boots have been bought for the children and they are already puddle jumping and splashing wherever they find water!

3. Tuesday was our afternoon out, complete with Lily's piano lesson, a trip to the library, a couple of errands and going out for pizza after Reed was off of work. Best part, with Lily's Book It certificate and a gift certificate our family received, we ate out for free!

4. Lily's past weeks of awful bedtime habits have decreased and she is again falling asleep with ease and in her own room. Our house is a happy house at bedtime again!

5. Jonah is reading!! Well, it's just the BOB books that I did with Lily, but he has now read two of them on his own! This is a major accomplishment since I tried them with him a few weeks ago and he wasn't even trying to sound out the words and could not have cared less. Randomly, this week he asked to try reading and made the effort and succeeded. Pretty exciting!

6. Biggest Loser and The Office returned this week!


1. Dancing With The Stars announced their new 'stars' and their partners for the upcoming season. Among them was Kate Gosselin. I love the show, but don't know that I will be able to watch as long as she is on there. Kate and I have some unresolved issues between us.

I guess it wasn't too bad of a week here, huh? How about you? How did your week go? I hope your Lent is fruitful. Happy Friday!

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  1. GREAT list and I love your Kate TRUE!!

    I love the pic too...I love great memories and the change of seasons, etc!

    Enjoy all the new sleep!! :)

  2. Sarah,
    I found your blog through Holly's blog at Falling Upward. I'm also from Wisconsin, mid state, about 3 hours east of you likely. It's always nice to find other Catholic moms online, especially from the north! Beautiful family and wonderful blog! God bless you and your family!

  3. Oh, Sarah, I love your header picture!

    I agree with you and the Kate Gosselin thing too!!! I was actually kind of disappointed and disgusted at the same time of hearing of it. I don't even watch the show, I just think she should you know, just be a mom, take care of her kiddos.

    I love the Bob books. My Clare is reading them on and off. She's on book 2 and 3. I don't let her go on until she "masters" each book, but she talked me into letting her read book 3. She's up and down right now (so unlike the others, at this age Nicholas read Charlotte's Web) We just decided to stop our curriculum and go with Sam's Club workbooks and she's doing great now. We will try reading them again soon.

    I love puddle boots!! I love puddle weather, I sure hope it stays and all the snow melts!

  4. Hahaha... Kate and I have some unresolved issues, too. ;)


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