Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Passage Of Time

The days and weeks seem to zoom past at lightning speed. But sometimes, when we are in the dead of winter, not so much. Seriously, a few weeks ago I felt stifled by the season and thought I was on my way to Crazy-Town. Thankfully, Old Man Winter has begun to make way for spring and the weather has been more bearable. Minnesota is crazy like that.

But, just as my days fly by with barely a moment to take the day in, time lingers on for the younger ones in my household. On a daily basis I feel like I am being taunted and asked almost a hundred times some type of time related question. I guess they are still grasping the concept, whereas I'm just trying to grasp every moment and conquer all the tasks of a fleeting day.

Jonah's birthday is the end of April, so you can guess what's on his mind these days. He also knows that daddy's birthday comes in March, so in order to get closer to his big day we've got to get beyond daddy's first. I get questions like this one numerous times in the same day:

"How many more days until dad's birthday?......That's not bad.....And then how many more days until my birthday after that?.....Why does it have to take so long? Why can't my birthday be today?"

And then there's Lily who understands time to a greater extent, but focuses every little detail around time and numbers. This seems to especially come up around practice time on the piano:

"How many times do I need to do this exercise?...How many minutes has it been?...Do I have to do this one again?...How many minutes do I have left?"...

Time marches on, but apparently from my children's vantage point still not fast enough.


  1. Hello! I'm a new reader and was so blessed by this post today! Maybe it is the long winter - I live in WI - but i feel like I can't wait for the winter to pass and the rest of life is going too fast. The little ones arn't looking so little anymore :(

  2. Oh, this post makes me laugh. Sorry.

    It's a "been there" "still there" post!!

    My Clare (the 5 year old) is always wanting her b-day. Hers is the last in the year, Sepember 2nd. All the other kiddos are before starting March 10, then June, July and August then FINALLY her. I keep telling her, she was the last one who had her b-day and that Tom and I have to wait a whole week longer than her....but she doesn't care. She just knows hers is far away. (Tom and I's b-days are one day apart...he's 2 years older though)

    Hang in there, think of me when you get irritated,know that I'm going through the same questions.

  3. Oh, I must add, that these questions are with tears, so many tears. It's so traumatic.

    Jedi, on the other hand, has other time questions, while outside (I make them go out every day) is constantly asking "how long do I have to be out?" and "can I come in yet?" For me, the time they are outside (without me) goes sooooooo fast, I barely get a load of laundry done.


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