Monday, March 15, 2010

Growth Spurt

Ever wake up one morning and wonder how in the world your children grew up so fast? Recently, that has become more relevant in Jonah. Perhaps it's due to the fact that birthday discussions are had on a daily basis and he reminds me that he'll be FIVE next month. Maybe it has to do with the shorter pants that seem to be filling his dresser drawer.

Almost out of all that toddler clothing and on to the styles that are less of trucks and fun, cute little characters and right into all of the skateboarder, pirate, rock star laden apparel. (Seriously, why can't a 5 year old wear a shirt with a dump truck on it any more?) Somewhere, there in the Boys section, I sensed the new season of change. And I almost think I was okay with it. For a moment.

Just the other day I looked at my dear little boy with a new pair of eyes and saw him as the little man he is, almost for the first time. Oh sure, he does still need me, just not so much. I turn around and take a glance in the back seat, he grins and hides, still shy of too much lovin' and attention from mommy. I know he sees me watching every day now, catching those last glimpses of toddlerhood. I give him one more kiss on the cheek and as he wipes it away I know that these kisses he'll remember one day. I think he'll miss them at some point when he's older, but of course I will miss them more.

We might have moved on from onesies and diapers, perfectly darling little matched outfits and trikes, kissing scrapes and needing a hand to constantly hold, but he's still forever my baby in my eyes. Sometimes, we all just need a little wiggle room to grow into the new season that awaits us.

And Springtime seems like just the right time to make that transition.

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