Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Second Week Of March Daybook

For Today...3.9.10

Outside My Window...we're still enjoying the warmer temps. with melting snow. Looks like this week will mostly be dreary and rainy.

I Am Thinking...about how blessed I have been by a treasured, blossoming friendship with this sweet woman. Has it really hardly been a year since we first met here in Blogville?

I Am Thankful For...the return of routines and Reed's normal work hours. I'm looking forward to the better start to our days during the week.

I Am Praying...a silent, unspoken prayer intention; for a dear blogging friend; for Mommy Monkey's and Tracy's sweet babes due to arrive next month.

I Am Creating...plans for Reed's 40th birthday party. I'm trying to keep it simple (his request), but still want it to be memorable.

I Am Reading...my long overdue Catholic Company book review book, which I hope to finish soon; 'The Good Nearby' by Nancy Moser.

I Am Hoping...to keep relying on my hopeful heart and waiting on what God's time will reveal.

Around The House...our Sacrifice/Good Deeds jar is making progress, but then I've become quite generous with the beans too!

From The Kitchen...whole-grain muffins using the recipe on the package of Bob's Mill 7 grain cereal; a number of simple, delicious meals still to be decided.

From The Learning Room...we're making good progress in plugging away in these last months of school. Can't believe it's already week 26!

Lyrics In My Head...Glory, glory....thank you for the cross...glory, glory....Christ has paid the cost...

One Of My Favorite Things...whole wheat pita pockets! These have been a wonderful addition to our lunch menus and we fill 'em with just about everything.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week..piano lesson today; Little Flowers meeting tomorrow; family overnight, annual winter getaway at a local hotel with a water park; more sheetrock taping with hubby in the basement over the weekend.

Picture Thought I Am Sharing...days gone by. This was taken just before Lily's first birthday.

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  1. I am SO thankful for your friendship. And for your ability to share your heart---your hopeful heart:) It not only inspires me to open up to hope, but it has carried me through much during the past "almost year." {{hugs}}

    PS-Enjoy the hotel weekend!! We did this growing up annually and it is still one of my fondest memories!!

  2. Hey Sarah, where is that picture of Reed and Lily taken? I don't recognize it. Oh my how the time flies...She was a tiny thing too.

  3. Thanks for the prayers!

    Is that Lily in a Kelley Farmhouse window?


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