Friday, March 26, 2010

If Your Husband Is Turning 40...

Part I

You'll want to make it the best birthday day EVER and insist on doing something really FUN, but he'll tell you a million times that it really doesn't matter what he does on his birthday.

He'll take the day off from work and tell his beloved wife that he just wants a quiet day at home with his family.

So that is what he will get...

You'll start the day with a yummy, freshly baked coffee cake and scramble up some eggs.

And then the kids will insist that gifts need to be opened right away.

If you give the daddy his gifts, he'll enjoy them but will display even more enthusiasm over the one you created and didn't buy.

And you'll be happy that you have a creative, blogging friend who helped you out with this idea in the first place. Not to mention, the divinely inspired scripture verse that you chose for the project.

At mid-morning when a trip to town is required, the birthday husband will suggest that a trip to the coffee shop would be a fun treat. Of course, you'll agree because it is HIS birthday after all and if he REALLY wants to go to the coffee shop well then I guess we'll have to go.

While everyone enjoys their fruit smoothies, the wife will revel in her iced frappe and the ambiance of a coffee shop that she enjoys so much. Good thing husband had that 40th birthday!

When day is almost done, you will prepare a simple but delicious birthday meal and even serve it on your 'best' dishes. And if you serve it on your 'fancy' dishes, you probably should take a photo.

(You can find the recipe here)

If you're really going all out for the celebration, why not add some sparkling apple cider and a toast to one of the greatest 40 year olds you know.

And of course we can't forget the cake!

Finally, at the end of the day your husband will sit your little family down and thank them for his perfect day. It is then that you will be reminded why you love him and your family so much, because it was worth the perfect memory for a momentous birthday.

To Be Continued...


  1. What a wonderful day! It looks like you did a great job making it special Sarah :) Can't wait to hear about the party!

  2. Sounds perfect!! How sweet:) LOVE the creative gift you made. Jeremiah 29:11 is my FAVORITE scripture verse. It has been hanging up on my bulletin board since I was 16.

    Happy Birthday, Reed! Glad you enjoyed your day with your beautiful family.

    Excited to hear part 2:) Happy Weekend!!

  3. What a great day! That sounds like my idea of a dream birthday. Oh wait, my dream came true yesterday! Ha!



  4. And the party will continue on Saturday!! Can't wait!

  5. Thanks for sharing your husband's special day with us! Happy Birthday to Reed!

  6. Oh how verylovely! Thank you forsharing with us!!!

  7. Happy Birthday to your husband! You certainly made the day special for him.

    And, yes, we're in the same state =) I think Jamie has my e-mail address, if you want to e-mail me about where exactly I am in proximity to you (I am not sure if we are close???)


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