Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Anyone Hear That Chirping Sound?

It's only quiet here on my blog because...

--I seem to still struggle with any real brain activity happening in this pregnant brain besides fulfilling the daily tasks that lie ahead.

--We are still rebounding into normal routine after our Christmas break.

--After celebrating a special couple and their beautiful wedding over the weekend, I'm still thinking about how truly blessed that they are family.

--My nearly eleven month old has practically taken off running around the house in the last day or two.

--I'm enjoying ordinary time, with ordinary things to do.

--We're busy enjoying the unseasonable warm, brown January in MN weather.

--I'm contemplating all the things I 'should' be doing to prepare for baby and things that I really should unpack. But then I still think I've got plenty of time for all of that and put my feet up instead.

--In my free time I'm busy earning Swag Bucks, of which I'm addicted to, in order to get more Amazon gift cards(scroll down my sidebar and click on Swagbucks icon to start earning and I'll get rewarded too!).

Lest you think I am doing something monumental like, say, having a baby extremely early (I'll be 36 weeks on Thursday), rest assured I'm just here hanging out at home.

How's every little thing with you?


  1. Hey, Simeon was born at exactly 36 weeks!! I'm loving ordinary time too. You'll get that urge to get ready what needs to be ready at the right time. I'm thinking about you constantly, it's so hard at the end.

    Loving the weather here, even if it does snow this week, winter will only actually be here for a couple months!! Then it's spring!!

    Sending prayers your way!

  2. I am glad to see a post, because I was starting to wonder about you and baby Colleen ;) My other friend Sarah is having her baby today! Yay for pregnant friends!!

  3. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers Jamie! You are too sweet. They are being sent right back to you as you enjoy your days with Simeon!

    Trust me, Colleen, you will be one of the first to know (either via email or here)! As for the name 'Colleen'...sorry, but I think baby Gem is a boy. BUT, in the event that we are having a girl, I think you just might like the girl name we have picked out. *wink*

  4. You have to let me know what makes you feel it is a boy. I'm confused with my body signs. Things are different, but I keep thinking it is because of AGE this time around :)

    I must admit, craving beer really has me thrown for a loop :)

  5. Glad that baby and mama are still doing well. Isn't it amazing that just being pregnant (and having little toddlers) is exercise all on its own? Put those feet up and just "be!" Then again, now that I have my little one out of my womb, I wish I had taken more time when I had my hands free-er to get some stuff done. Oh, well! :-) Blessings!!


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