Thursday, January 5, 2012

One Word

Over the last couple years I've read from other bloggers who chose a word for their new year's focus. I haven't been able to follow suit, but thought this year I may only be able to attend to the reminder of a word, rather than a list of mighty goals.

While I've never made resolutions or been the greatest at goal-setting, I still live life in a way of finding aspirations and models to find inspiring along the journey.

I have a few things in mind for 2012 for our family and also hope to make a short list with hubby too. Not necessarily big things, but small things that will help our greater good. With preparing for a changing household and another baby, just on the heels of a monumental first year with Gianna, I think we're allowed to take it one day at a time in 2012.

One thing I have in mind for me personally is to allow myself time. I tend to push myself in a number of areas sometimes in order to try and maintain SuperMom mentality. Oh, I'm not that great at it, but I have expectations that many times are unmet due to my overzealous perfectionism. I think on the inside I put more pressure on myself to be 'doing' so many more things than I need to or can do. There is always the "Mom Guilt" that arises and makes failure feel inevitable. I want to be able to enjoy this year and life with my wonderful husband, my growing big kids and the transition of two little kids. 2012 holds so much potential for our family!!

One concrete thing that I hope to make changes in is the area of exercise/physical wellbeing. I've been able to maintain a good pregnancy again and keep up the exercise this whole time. I'm looking toward getting back to my normal self and a healthy weight and size. I have ambitions of getting into my best health ever (even if it's not a HOT body, but an overall healthy one) and attempting running. Yes, RUNNING. I even aspire to at least do one 5K this year. I think all of my following Colleen has left me VERY inspired. (Thanks, Colleen!!) We'll see how I do and how I bounce back after baby and go from there.

Ok, so Word for 2012:


Definition: free from agitation of mind or spirit (a tranquil self-assurance); free from disturbance or turmoil (a tranquil scene)

Synonymns: calm, peaceful, placid, hushed, restful, serene, still, quiet

I think this word is ideal for me as I look ahead with great anticipation in the new year. A new year that sometimes scares me a little because of all the unknown juggling and potentially tiring days ahead (you do recall that I can sometimes be an OCD, obsessive planner, right??). I'm looking forward to days that are utterly tranquil and serene with our growing family. Letting go of what is not in my control and what doesn't need tending to for today. Embracing each day in peace rather than in uptight, stressful mode.

2012 is going to be a very good year for me and for our family.


  1. Wow, you inspire me Sarah! But thanks for the shout out! Just make sure to give yourself a couple months after baby to start running - I started too soon after Xander and was in pain. Having two kids close together like you will is going to be really tough, so just making it through the first 6 months is like running a marathon!

  2. Love the word! Praying for you this year!

  3. I think that is a perfect word for myself as well! You and so many others are in my prayers this new year's as we head into our resolutions be them spiritual, mental, or physical!


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