Monday, January 23, 2012

While Waiting II

Another week of waiting on baby brings another post of the things we do while waiting. Sorry, but knowing my history you are probably guaranteed at least another one of these posts next week too.

Over the last week I've kept busy:

putting my feet up
earning more Swag Bucks
keeping the kids on task at school
maintaining the household
cooking and freezing baby food for Gianna
preparing freezer pleaser meals for after baby arrives
etc, etc....

Over the weekend we attended a family event sponsored by our parish and the local KC's. Unfortunately, after enjoying weeks of glorious and warm winter weather things turned nasty this past week. Saturday afternoon brought gusty wind, blowing snow and frigid weather to be out in.

We did get in on some of the fun with a horse-drawn wagon ride, which was pretty enjoyable.

Turkey bowling, anyone?

Of course, there was also plenty of food to enjoy and apple cider to keep us warm. To end the afternoon, there was even Mass (indoors). A small gathering of hearty Minnesotans, but it was a welcome diversion for those of us waiting on baby time.

This little girl is taking advantage of the waiting and squeezing in all the daddy time she can get.

Happy Monday!

*Colleen, this is written IRTime. Yup, I'm still here. *wink*


  1. OK, phew! That mutual "I love you so much" look going on between Gianna and Reed is precious. If you're tired of waiting, my midwife told me how to get baby to come sooner. Let's just say the hubby will be happy to help you out :)

  2. Praying for you!

  3. Glad to see you are doing exactly what you should!

  4. She is so her daddy's mini! The profile picture makes her a dead ringer for her daddy's daughter! Love those toes! (Ha ha! Great minds think alike.) Hang in there. Keep steady. Praying for you lots:)

  5. Your feet look GREAT! They don't look swollen at all! I am so excited for you and look forward to seeing pictures of Baby Gem!!!

  6. The fact that you are keeping up on anything puts me to shame during my last few weeks. You are one adventurous mama. I think you look great, the feet too. Happy waiting.


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