Monday, March 18, 2013

Why You Mess With Me?

Thanks to Google's announcement last week, I'm looking for a new outlet to replace my beloved Google Reader.

Sure, I got the memo that it doesn't go into effect until July 1st, but whatever.

I will need the next 3.5 months to figure out my alternative, make the change and then spend time readjusting.

Hello, Google, I'm an OCD planner who strongly dislikes change.

Why must you go and rain on my parade? We had a good thing going here. I liked you, you worked with me, we were buds.

Yes, I found the thousand different posts online listing the tend different alternatives, but really I don't have the time to sort through all that jargon.

Please tell me one (or several) of my super talented/brainiac readers has already figured out the best alternative and back up plan.

Put me out of my misery and leave a comment, would ya?

Better yet, how about I pay for you to fly here from wherever you are and just do all the importing/changes for me?

Again, must I remind you how much I despise technology and change?


  1. I need help too, I never even used google reader (I don't think) so maybe it doesn't apply to me???

  2. Ditto Colleen. What's Google Reader? Is it my blog list on Blogger?

  3. Reader is a box on my personalized iGoogle page where all the blogs I'm subscribed to show up. More importantly, where all the new posts from the blogs I subscribe to are listed. I don't have to go check for new posts or look on my own blog sidebar for new posts from others, I just have iGoogle as my home page and the posts appear over in my Reader box. It's been a time saver for me and I need something equally as efficient.

    What are you gals using to read posts and find when there are new ones posted??

  4. Hi Sarah...I was wondering if this applied to me...I just check my Dashboard for new posts from the blogs I follow... I am clueless about this kind of stuff!

  5. I use Blogger's blog list, too. But, some blogs can't be followed by using Blogger, and that's when I use Google. So, basically, I don't read those blogs because I never check Google. ;)

  6. OK, Sarah, I totally could have written this too. I just thought "Not another thing" Why would they do this?

    I think the best way to explain to others who use a blog list (I think they get by "following"?) is by using Google Reader, you can read all your blogs on one page, without flipping and clicking on several blogs that I like to just look at and not comment, like cooking blogs, craft blogs and lots of others, I just do that, look. Without flipping to lots of different screens back and forth, it's all on one. (of course if I want to comment, like now, I have to click and go to her blog to comment) But now back to my google reader to see all my blogs. One one page. To be thankful for til July--or was that June?

  7. OH, and Google reader is such a time saver....I'm going to have to give up a lot of blogs when this change happens, I just don't have time to check constantly if blogs have new posts up. Google Reader is great for that too, highlighting all the blogs with new posts up.

    Gosh, what are we going to do?

    1. I completely agree Jamie. Definitely a time saver. I will do more looking and see if I come up with an easy alternative. Rest assured, I'll post if I do!! :)

  8. I'm using Bloglovin and actually like it better than Google Reader!! It i streamlined and instead of having to click out to comment, you can stay within the software to comment on blogs and then easily return to where you were last!!

  9. Thanks Lisa. I'll be checking out Bloglovin. I know that was one that I read a review on, but I wanted to get expert advice from my readers :) So glad you could steer me in a direction.


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