Thursday, March 21, 2013

Theme Thursday: Mud

 Finally joining Cari and the clan today. Long time follower of all you other Theme Thursday pals and this week I actually remembered BEFORE Thursday to come up with something.

This is an oldie, two years ago, since currently we still have a bunch of snow in our yard.

(dry-ish) MUD

Click over and see what other muddy adventures are posted today!


  1. SEE?!?! That's exactly the shot I had in my head for this week!! Rubber boots, cute kid legs, mud.
    But oh no.

    I'm so glad to see it realized in your picture.

  2. Sweet red mud boots! I love them.

  3. Oldie or not, that is cute!

  4. I was also thinking of going to the past because we are so deep in snow and cold right now!

    love red mud boots!

  5. That is adorable, reminds of a pic to accompany some darling poem about childhood, innocence, adventure, take your pick!

  6. This shot makes me want a pair of rain boots for myself!

  7. Oh I reaaaaallly love that picture!!!! It looks like a postcard :)


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