Monday, March 18, 2013

Insert {happy} Dance Here

Two posts in one day, say it ain't so!

I just had to post and give a ginormous cyber shout out to Lisa of All Things Gale. She is the winner of Make-My-Day-Monday. Why, you ask?

In regards to my earlier frustration today, I was startled by the number of peeps who didn't use Google Reader. Feeling as though I may not find an answer to my quest, Lisa commented and shared a little tidbit hinting at Bloglovin' to be where it's all at.

Then I read her post and went to check it out for myself.

I'm pleased to announce that in less than half an hour, I signed up for Bloglovin', imported my Google Reader blog list and read a couple of new posts that showed up there. Heck, I even downloaded their app on my tablet while I was at it!

Just read Jamie's Double Standards post through Bloglovin' and Patty's Mammoth Site Field Trip too.

It works fabulously! {bliss}

Give it a try. Super easy to do and get all your blogs in one place. Way to make my Monday!

I think I may just ditch that darn Google Reader sooner than anticipated.


  1. NICE!!! I'm so happy you like it! I have been using it and I'm actually up to date with all my favorite blogs already. Is it possible that it is even better than Reader??? :)

    1. Thanks to you, Lisa :) I don't know, it's pretty awesome and very user friendly. Just what I needed! It may beat out Reader.

    2. Blogger just ate my comment....anyway, I think I said Thanks for checking it out, I'll have to come back and sign up when I have time! I was shocked at the lack of Google Readers too...

  2. Great! I will have to check it out!

  3. Just signed up for it!!! :D


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