Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Go And Sin No More

While Cardinals gathered in Rome for the conclave, my son was gathering his wits for the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

My dear husband even took off the day from work to make it more special and for Jonah to remember this day.


He's ready!! There he goes....

And the choirs of angels sang and his soul rejoiced!


Can't you just see that glow??

We have noon Mass in our little parish on Tuesdays, so we celebrated Jonah's big sacramental step by attending as a family.

Jonah, with his first confessor, our priest Fr. Michael:

If you know my boy, you would know how creative he is. He couldn't let lunch even go by without a commemoration of the sacredness of the day.

A syrup cross on his Eggo.

How else can we keep the celebration going?

Water park with daddy, anyone?

(Insert photos here of big kids with daddy having fun at water park. Without the Momarazzi there to take the photos, they forgot.)

Once everyone was back home again it was time for Jonah's favorite, spaghetti, for supper. 

Finish the day off right with a bowl of ice cream.

I'd say we did good and made this a very memorable day for Jonah.

We so love our sacramental life.

A clean soul with a side of ice cream. *Bliss*


  1. Congrats Jonah! I love how you made his big day so special! I will have to remember the waffle cross for the future! So creative!

  2. I love this post! Congratulations, Jonah! What a great day. And to think that he'll remember that he made his 1st confession on the day that the Cardinals were convening to elect a new Pope!

  3. Oh...Congrats to your son, Sarah! What a wonderful day for him...and you, mom, made it extra special! Love love love the photo right after...and what a special time for him to receive this sacrament... Have a nice, restful evening, friend!

  4. Awesome glowing picture! I love when my kids receive this sacrament because they are so willing and excited to go that it makes me go more often. Yay to Jonah!

  5. Oh my goodness! Congratulations, Jonah, on such a special moment! And what a special day your mom and dad made it for you :) Spiritual medicine is the best kind, Jonah. may you always find the love and peace in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.

  6. Congratulations, Jonah!!! My daughter, Mary Catherine, made her First Reconcilliation a couple of weeks ago. Such a beautiful (quitely celebrated) sacrament. I loved the picture of your son with Father Michael! Precious!!!

  7. Congratulations Jonah! So glad it was a celebrated day! The sacramental life really has so much beauty - and you captured it wonderfully Sarah! Glad it went well and it will always be remembered.


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