Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Life At The Sink

She hears the water running in the sink and the dishes start to clatter. Her ears must have a special radar that can hear me from miles away. With lightning speed she runs to the kitchen, grabs a chair and pushes it to the sink. The chair leg catches the two rugs in its path as she drags it to the sink.

It's like this every single time I do dishes and yet most of the time I still find myself frustrated by the process. Upset by her lack of understanding how annoying her 'help' is to me. 
I should get over it, I know I should. 

But every time it's the same thing. She insists that the water be left on by repeatedly saying 'push button'. She's just playing in the water, I remind myself. She fills and refills the bowls, cups and containers over and over and over again. Until she tries to pour water from one item to another on the counter and the flood appears. Then that's the end, because I have limits and she knows that the limit is one flood per washing. 

Impatience is a funny thing that brings out the worst in even the best of us. Patience is tested in the face of toddlers. She's learning and growing and this is all a process, but it's also the process by which I shall (hopefully) gain Heaven. She's teaching me about Heaven and Christ while she's helping me get there. 

If only I pay attention. 

I usually don't.

How often must I make my God impatient with me as I return to the sink and spill and make a mess. He must sigh and forgive me for being human and born with a free will. He knows I'll be back, because I always am. He also knows I will return to His living water and we'll be reunited. 

My toddler does teach me a lot about forgiveness and love, even in the most unlikely places.

All of this is an inconvenience to me. A waste of time. But to her this is a skill building activity and a memory she is making. All of this is time with her mom at the sink building a relationship.

Rinse and repeat. These years are passing, but the sink is always full of water and there are always more dishes to be done.

Like my toddler, Christ is always rushing to help me, even when I least expect Him to or desire His help the least. 


  1. This is a good post :) Says a mom of a very strong willed toddler. I loose my patience more than I should. Like today when she wanted to walk herself back into the house from the car. I told her not to step in the water, she was only wearing leather bottom shoes. I bring the bags into the house to hear her yelling "Mama!!! *insert cry* I fall!" only to go out and see that she's fallen into a huge puddle because she was trying to play in it. And now I must take all of her clothes off.

    I must fall all the time when comparing my life to God, how frustrating that must be. It's good to see a comparison of raising a toddler to how God sees us.

  2. What a lovely reflection. Kids teach us so much, and so do bloggy friends like you!

  3. Awwwwww, it's adorable, because it's not my kid and therefore, not my mess. I'm just like you. I have a 3 year old that every time I'm in the kitchen, she's on the counter wanting to "help" but it's with the food prep, not the clean up.

    Love this post and how you put God into it all. I'll think of that while I"m cooking tonite. (with my 3 year old)

    Have you tried 2 buckets or containers and a baster or something like that? (and a towel of course) Maybe that would be something she could do while you are actually washing the dishes and when you are done, she can be too? Just a thought, it would be what I'd do. Because sounds like you are a lot like me

  4. Oh, and I'm using that Bloglovin and trying to lovin it. missin my googlin though, I mean Google reader.

  5. Ugh! Isn't that the truth? I have a feeling, there are many who will read this knowing that we are all in the same boat. God is so good!

  6. What a great analogy!!! Thanks for the reminder...

  7. My little girl just started doing this again - running to the kitchen to clean the dishes with me. On a good day, I'm patient and let her do it. On a bad day though, I can be so snappy. This post is a great reflection for me right now to try to control my frustrations sooner rather than let them take over!!!

  8. Kids and water! Love hate relationship ....love they are having fun but hate the mess. Loved the way you put it together, I will try to remember how frustrated God may get with me too. Thanks Sarah

  9. True in our home too - anytime I am in the kitchen I attract two willing helpers. Most of the time I just feel introverted and want my time alone in the kitchen to think or listen to something enriching while I cook. But being blessed by the mess and willing helpers is always the better choice - it gives them so much pleasure, even if it's just handing me eggs to crack.


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