Monday, March 25, 2013

They Meet And I Rejoice

After I said good-bye to Pope Emeritus Benedict, I felt a bit lost and sad that he would be kept hidden from us.

Then Pope Francis arrived on the scene and was all like 'hey, how are ya?'

Secretly though, I almost felt as if we were all betraying Pope Benedict and the leadership that he took in our Church. I heard so many negative comments and media slanders indicating that Pope Emeritus was anything but what a Pope might have been.

And then we all hopped on the Pope Francis wagon (as well we should) and oohed and aahed as we gazed. Again, as we should, because the man is clearly an outstanding role model and the perfect person to clearly lead our Church at this time.

Something in me longed for something and I felt restless.

And then I saw this on Saturday:

They finally met! Now is that not the cutest.picture.ever? I smiled when I saw it and then smiled some more. I finally felt at peace and a little less like I was betraying and a little more like I was still honoring.

They prayed together and then spent some time chatting. You know, like buddies do.

Oh to be a fly on that wall. (I'm nosey like that, you know.) Or maybe the cook who served them some tea or something. 

Now we are in the climactic point of the church year this week, so I can rest at ease as we fully engage in the sacredness. I'll keep praying for both of these humble and faithful men and remain thankful that both of them so graciously accepted their role to lead our Church.


  1. How amazing to see TWO POPES together! I wonder what kind of advice Benedict gave Francis...I would have loved to be that photographer :)

  2. When I saw this on Saturday my soul smiled, Sarah! And at such a perfect time for this to happen...I had not seen the first picture you speaks volumes! Thanks for sharing, friend. A blessed Holy Week to you and that beautiful family! : )

  3. I had not run across this, thanks for sharing. This has been especially hard for my dad who is an intellectual (he is a college professor.) Although he is an almost lifetime Catholic, B16 was the first pope, I believe, he has felt an affinity for. It was very hard for him, as he ages and is past retirement age but is not retired, to see B16 go. I think he felt it personally. For that reason, he has not been able to rejoice the way so many have over our new pope. I will send him the article.

    Sorry for the novel! I just don't see too many comments like this!

  4. It is so cool - I am beaming with pride at being a Catholic. I successfully avoided all negative chatter about both popes somehow. But I am equally proud of both popes. I am little frustrated at my "catholic" friends who are more proud of Pope Francis and his amazing humility. It is almost like they are insinuating that Pope Benedict wasn't humble?? But I do think Pope Francis is the bee's knees and he will do a great amount of good for the church. We are a blessed flock!!!


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