Wednesday, March 13, 2013

On Chimney Watching And Pope Gazing

 Hey, did you hear the news? We have a new Pope!!

Well, sure ya did. Who doesn't know that this simple, already beloved man has become our Shepherd:

Pope Francis

And dare say, I think I already love him.

Yes, I dared say it.

I do, however, have a small problem with a throbbing headache that came from a Pope-arazzi hangover of an afternoon. What about you?

Thanks to Karen, I linked to a good live feed from the Vatican and watched the chimney. For well over an hour++ I watched. My big kids watched intently. I tried to break it to them gently that in no way would we see white smoke. But heck, it was getting dark out there and if that smoke wasn't white how on earth were we going to see it?!

And then it came. White smoke!!

My fingers started texting on my phone in lightning speed and we flipped on the television.

For what seemed like a milennia before they announced his name and he came out.

I knew I should be taking photos or doing something while we waited, but I just couldn't even take away from the moment. There I sat eagerly awaiting with my four little Catholics and realized that this moment was exactly how I wanted them to remember it. I basked in it as my stomach fluttered.

And then came the announcement and the cheers.

And eventually, the man.

Oh dear, I was worried. He seemed sad and so uncertain. I started to cry. Holy Spirit, remind him to smile and give him peace.

And then he spoke, he was humble and my heart melted.

Yes, the Holy Spirit most definitely led those Cardinals to help choose a successor that is the right man to lead us at this particular time in history.

I look forward to following such a worthy Shepherd of the Church.

Now I just need to get Gianna to stop running up to me and saying "Pope sad" and giving me a worried expression. (Apparantly she heard me too loudly exclaiming his sadness)

Now it's off to bed in a bit to sleep of this emotionally charged day of smoke watching and Pope gazing.

**In case you are challenged by Italian like myself, someone was kind enough to let us know what Pope Francis' first words were to his flock. In English. Thank you!


  1. Sarah..thank you for this... You inspire me every time I visit...your knowledge of and enthusiasm for our faith make me want to be a better Catholic. For real! : )

  2. Hi Sarah!
    I dare say it - I think I love Pope Francis I already too. And yes, I also had a headache, and cried tears of anticipation and joy when I knew of the fumata bianca!

    Pope Francis I seems so humble, and so sincere.
    I loved when the Holy Father bowed to the crowd and asked us to pray over him, before giving his first Papal blessing.

    God answered our prayers!
    Blessings to you and your family, Sarah. I hope you sleep well.

  3. Thank you for that text! I was in Walmart with the kiddos when I received it. LOL Needless to say we dashed home safe and sound and then went into (nearly) cardiac arrest waiting to see.

  4. Awesome post, Sarah! I couldn't believe how I cried when I saw white smoke!!! I was just completely overwhelmed...and then when Pope Francis stepped out (b/c I had no idea what was being said...and it was no one that I even recognized, I remember feeling disheartened, if even for just a moment. And now, well now, I think I love him!!! Crazy, huh?!!!

  5. Hi Sarah, oh, I love Pope Francis already, too! He seems so humble and compassionate. I can not wait to learn more about him.
    I tagged/nominated you for Five Things and the Liebster. Please check out my newest post for the details. :)


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