Saturday, January 19, 2013

Scenes From A Saturday: Sledding

Saturday mornings are usually bath time for the little girls and I decided to throw in a little hair trim for both of them too. 

As you see, Margaret was thrilled.

But, why must you cut my lovely locks?

Because, they are stringy and you need a little winter pick-me-up.

With the prospect of 50 mph winds that were to blow in for the afternoon, we headed outside this morning while it was in the mid-30's.

Some of us dawdle more than walk, but that's how this girl rolls. And dawdles.

We hit the sledding hill that grandpa worked on with the big kids the other week. The kids have been having a blast on it. I didn't take photos showing the length of this hill, but it goes down the hill/path they made and onto the snow covered icy lake below. It's more of a tapered hill and not straight down, just in case you are worried about the risk factor.

The big kids take turns with Gianna.

And enjoy the competition to see who gets further on to the ice.

Winter landscape offers photographic fun.

Sweet cheeks that belong to child #4 who almost always waits patiently in her cozy sled while the others play.

Another turn down the chute with Lily.

Gianna thinks it's a hoot.

But not so much when she tips out of the sled, which happened with daddy just after I took this photo.

A good time was had by all.

We finished up just as the wind started to roar.

Now it's blustery/blizzard-like and snow is swirling around the house. I'd say 50 mph winds are not impossible as the temperature has dropped in the lower teens.

So much for more sledding. 

At least not for the rest of this weekend or probably next week as we sit in a deep freeze.

I hope you're warm and toasty and enjoying lots of family time during your weekend.


  1. Love the pics! Something about little kids in big snowsuits makes for an adorable combination!

  2. Looks like a great day, Sarah! Enjoy the cozy weekend with all your sweeties! : )

  3. Oh man do I love these pictures! Such fun!

  4. That looks like SO MUCH FUN!!!! Where we may have warmer temps, you have the sledding, and my kids would LOVE to have sled time! Stay warm and cozy in those temps. And don't forget the hot cocoa!

  5. Forgot to mention that the crying pic of Greta?? So hysterical...especially with the captions you added.


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