Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bonding Over Bread

What does a parent do when you have a sweet pea as cute as mine?

What do you do when said sweetness has hit toddlerhood full throttle?

Almost overnight, Gianna turned into chatty toddler girl with a fun personality. But then the next night she found a little thing called stubboness/strong-willed/spirited child and thought she'd throw that in for good measure.

While standing in amazement at the will power of a 26 lb little girl, I try to recall what the last round of toddlers were like in our house. It must be age, because I can't seem to remember it hardly at all.

That's probably a good thing.

We'll keep figuring this out as we go, acting as if we are first time parents again.

It was on a recent Sunday while I watched father and daughter interact while making bread that I caught glimpses of loveliness. Ganders of love.

It's these times when we build their trust, share our love and listen to their thoughts and words. Even if they are real words mixed in with several toddler rambling words.

These moments when all they need is a little direction, a guiding hand and a little restraint, are important.

These moments will create memories.

These are the times as parents we nurture the mind and heart. They learn to appreciate their individual time with mommy or daddy and we do as well. 

The parent and child connection is built, cultivated and grows in these little acts of daily life.

While I watch as an outsider, my heart still connects to the toddler and to the father. Another memory captured and tucked away in my heart. 

These heartstrings stay intact as both of us will tug and pull through the years. When behavior demands discipline, attitude requires an adjustment and disrespect calls for honor.

It's easy to see through the tantrums now and hope for a better tomorrow because this simply is a phase. It's difficult to contemplate a day when we may not agree or so easily forgive. 

I blink and time passes. I sleep and years are gone.





Hopefully years down the road she'll still remember the day when they bonded over bread.


  1. Oh my gosh, my heart is melting. I just love toddlers so so much! And what an awesome baby Daddy you have :)

  2. I love your perspective, Sarah...and that is a sweet moment you captured there! : )

  3. Wow... you so beautifully captured this memory. Thank God they have you and your love for the camera ...and recording memories. Beautiful post!

  4. Oh... and Ava's sort of hitting that "stubborness thrown in for good measure" stage as well. Must be the age.

  5. I'm impressed Reed makes bread! Add on bread making with a toddler--wow! I think as hard as this age is--it is also one of the funnest. They simply amaze and delight with every discovery and realization. Fun, fun, fun!

  6. Love that you captured it all on film!! That attitude is going to take her far!!

    That last picture is the greatest!

  7. SO very cute! I love watching my DH do things like this with the kids!

  8. OH my gosh! How absolutely adorable! And, as Jamie Jo said, you captured it on film :)

  9. What a wonderful story. It's always beautiful to watch little kids and their parents bonding and doing fun activities together--especially with a very cute and adorable kid like Gianna. Save these cute photos for her to see when she grows up, it will be all smiles for sure. :)

  10. Toddlers/preschoolers can really push buttons and pull heart strings. They are trying to make sense of all that they're taking in each day...can you imagine all that is going on inside their adorable little brains? Absolutely wonderful that your hubby was able to slow down and take time with your little gal. Enjoy your weekend!


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