Thursday, January 10, 2013

Let Us Not Become Complacent

Does the new year get you all giddy?

Oh good, me neither.

Well, at least not for growing another year older.

It does, however, bring a freshness and ideas on how to get things right. Even new goals to be met or a further reach for chipping away at that human imperfection and frailty to attain a better chance at holiness.

After reading and re-reading Colleen's post (and the comments are good as well), I thanked her for the smack on the behind to kick start my new year.

Family prayer has had its ups and downs here, especially in the last year when life had more demands than the 24 hours one day has to offer.

Sometimes we just plain get stuck and complacent with every day life.

The post tugged at me, reprimanded me and called me to something more. Should it not be that I was challenged by it, especially while in the midst of the Year of Faith? Of course. It only tugged a little more because these things had already been laid upon my heart.

It was the reminder and affirmation to demand nothing more than prayer, more family prayer, to grow in our home.

As if I needed another sign, later that day I encountered this as I walked into the living room:

Blessed Mother Mary sent my Gianna as a little reminder of the beauty and importance of the rosary.

Even if Gianna was surely just trying to be a little Fashionista by raiding the rosary dish.

It sparked a conversation or two with my husband as we lead our family and move forward in the new year. This was good as it helped us become re-united in conviction and commitment for our family.

Only a few days later, at our Little Flowers meeting, us mom's were talking about Mary and the rosary. One of them shared how were should actually be praying all fifteen (or twenty) decades of the rosary EACH.DAY.

Yup. That's what she said.

She further explained that when we pray one rosary it's like locking a door to evil, but there are still some doors unlocked. When we are praying all of the decades we bolt closed all of the doors and we are kept safe inside.


Well, baby steps and we're gonna do it. We're gonna pray and keep our family protected because we really all need it. We're already doing our best to aim for that daily rosary and when the evening gets away from us (or we have evening activities or it's bath/shower night), we at least pray the Divine Mercy chaplet.

It's a good thing to go through a growth spurt. Even a spiritual growth spurt.

We're optimistic that this year will be a beautiful year to grow further in our faith, in our prayer lives and closer to Christ.

What better time than during the Year of Faith.

How about you? 

Any new resolve for prayer or spiritual growth that you've been inspired to do this year?


  1. What an inspiring post! I bought myself a new rosary because I needed one, and I have yet to pray it. But I am going to! Mama Mary wants us to!

  2. Isn't it something how we are given these little reminders just when we need them? And may I say, your little reminder is the sweetest thing ever! We continue to work on our daily family prayer. I try to make myself feel better sometimes when we aren't doing so well, that I am serving God in another way by just simply being the best wife and mother and modeling my faith to my children.Sometimes that is the best I can do...But I do love The Holy Rosary, and Our Blessed Mother. I call upon her daily!

    1. I so agree, Billie Jo. God calls us in different directions sometimes and we can't always do THE MOST prayers, even if our heart desires it. If we are praying so much that our daily duties are neglected or the needs or our husband and children, we are missing the point as well. I think balance is always required and trying to be as consistant as you realistically can be.

  3. What a beautiful picture of Gianna! My husband works a lot of evenings, usually about 3 a week but I need to stop with the excuses and just do it.

    1. Do what you can, Brooke, and don't beat yourself up when every night perfect praying doesn't happen. It's the stmall steps that count and get is there in the end. Good luck!

  4. Great post. We decided to make Sunday nights "Family Prayer night" like Wednesday nights are "Family Game night" HOping it gets easier and easier and we will eventually do prayer every night. (Family Rosary--we always do bedtime prayers) The way you described your husband is fact, he always wants me to lead.

    Is this Little Flower mama a SSPX person? She sounds like my mom. I used to pray 15 decades, before kids. (that was before the Luminous mysteries were added) Stress the words "BEFORE KIDS" Now, it's just not practical to do 20 decades. I'm blessed if I am able to say 1 5 decade rosary every day. My mom is big on quantity and not quality. I think it depends on our station in life. Does this Little Flower mama have littles? (I mean little littles like us?) My mom's religion SSPX-ers, do not believe in the Luminous Mysteries...they don't like, I"m getting way off here. My point, don't be so hard on yourself, sometimes or station in life is just exactly what we get done in a day.

    It's good to always have goals and to constantly be striving to be holy--and the rosary will bring us there. I'm so impressed you are doing it (almost) every night....we want to eventually.

    1. Hmm....this is interesting Jamie, the SPXers. I didn't know that they don't believe in the Luminous Mysteries. huh. No, the mom in the group was not SPX (our group has chosen not to 'allow' them in the group since they do not fully accept all that the Catholic church practices/teaches), however, at the time we were really talking about all that's going on in the world/US that led to that comment.

      To keep it light, at the time I said "ok, so I think what the plan here is that as the mom, I'll have my rosary playing on my ipod and one earbud in while I'm teaching kids and doing stuff around home. That way when I'm praying and there's a problem with the kids I can say "quiet!! Can't you see Mommy's praying the rosary right now!!??" lol. That got a good laugh out of the crowd.

      I do agree that it's our state in life and our current family situation that may demand differently from each of us.

      I think the goal is holiness and teaching our children and getting our family to heaven, not unrealistic perfection. Oh, and as always, when we fail or get on a bad stretch, to start back up again.

  5. What a good post. Thanks for the kick in the pants too. That Gianna... OOOOoooh! I could just kiss her. What a fantastic picture. Ava is like that for me. Never lets me forget the morning offering and she thinks of Jesus and Mary ALL day, whether in the midst of playing or eating or whatever... she always remembers them and sends random kisses their way. Even last night, she had come down with a cold and was feeling sick and miserable and in the midst of her tears and really runny nose and general sicky-ness she lifted her tired head up, gave Daddy a kiss, then Mommy and even though she could hardly breathe she was so stuffed up, she blew a kiss right to Jesus and turned and gave another to Mary. Shaun was like, "Aww even when you're sick, Ava, you never forget them!" I could learn a LOT from that little 15mo old. Hoping this hear is a blessed and more prayerful one for all of us.

    1. Your Ava is so sweet. To have such a love and awareness for Jesus and Mary at such a young age, how precious!

  6. Sarah, I love you!! Sometimes God just lays it all out there very plain to see for those of us (me!) who need it. My parents are 3rd order Franciscans and they say a couple rosaries a day (maybe all of them?) and do their morning and evening prayer, and go to daily Mass. It's such a wonderful way to live, but just not feasible for where we are at in our life right now. Hopefully we can continue making steps in that direction :)

  7. I'm so glad you stopped by my blog, Sarah! I have been going to daily mass 3-4 times a week through Advent, so my spiritual resolve is to continue doing that through this upcoming semester.

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend! :)

  8. I have to admit, starting the rosary can be like exercising. I know that sounds awful, but that is how I feel. It's hard to get going, but once you do, how absolutely amazing one can feel. We've been through ways and days for the rosary. As the children change, our ways change. My kids, except baby, now can sit still and pray a beautiful rosary right before we start our school day. Baby..well, depending on her antics, she can make the rosary longer or shorter ;) For a long, long time, we would pray half the rosary in the morning right before our home school classes started. We would pray the other half after lunch. It seemed to work SO MUCH BETTER than trying it in the evening. I know Dad isn't around to pray it with us, but the way I look at it is we are praying it. Jacinta, Lucia, and Francisco weren't with their parents when Our Lady appeared to them :) God is happy to hear any prayer. Our Lady is most pleased to hear the rosary, of course, and she will help you and your family find the right time. She will continue to inspire you :)


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