Monday, January 28, 2013

Motherhood Monday


Highlighted from A Book of Saints for Catholic Moms  (page 15, St. Gerard Majella):

'The gift of motherhood is an endless joy marked by moments of great grace and great sorrows.'

This caught my eye as I was sharing with a friend. I am hoping that this week brings great moments of joy that have sprinkles of grace. While caught in the middle of the winter lull and the homeschool mom burn out months, sprinkles are a wonderful addition to any week. Wouldn't you agree?


  1. I concur! At first glance, I thought the post title was Motherload Monday! LOL! Sometimes Mondays feel that way down here in which case, bring the sprinkles!

  2. Sarah...I love the beautiful, so true...Thanks for always inspiring me! Have a happy Monday, friend!

  3. I just thought of Our Lady's motherhood when I read that quote and got chills. Hugs to one of the best Moms I know!

  4. Just like that Burl Ives song - "Watch the doughnut, not the hole!" A doughnut with sprinkles, that is!


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