Tuesday, January 29, 2013

That's Sheenazing!

 Have you seen the nominations for the Sheenazing Blogger Awards yet?

Hop on over to Bonnie's to join in and cast your votes!

Thank you to the reader(s), whomever you are, that nominated me for Best Looking Blog and Most Inspiring. You are too kind and I am above honored.

This is not a plug for votes, since I am in the company of some very noteworthy and amazing bloggers.

There is a whole treasure trove of awesome blogs listed and some of my best Bestie's are on there too. 

Maybe you made the list....go see!


  1. Good Tuesday morning, Sarah...I was soooo happy to see your beautiful blog on the list of nominations! Well deserved, friend! : )

  2. I voted! Hey, even see one of my Christendom professor's blog was nominated under "blogs by men"..."Never Give Up". I know I don't comment much, but I LOVE your blog! Can't wait for our MNO tonight! ~ M.H.

  3. Glad to see you on there!! Someone stopped in and told me I was on there. Trying to remember when I blogged about sex?? LOL At any rate, I want to keep this list so I can take my time and find some amazing new blogs to follow. Always inspiring to find a "treasure trove" of awesome blogs!


You're so kind for dropping me a line!

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