Monday, January 21, 2013

Modern Day


The toddler runs willingly to the bathroom to sit on the toilet.

"Be sure and turn on the water in the sink a little bit. That seems to help", I shout to my husband from the living room.

My son looks at me and then follows with,

"Where did you hear that? Pinterest?"

I laugh and then reply, "No, I made that up myself or heard it back when you big kids were little. It helps little kids sometimes to go potty and relax."

"Oh. It sounded like something from Pinterest."

Gee, how did we mom know anything before the Internet or Pinterest? 

I believe a little sprinkle of Pinterest is the perfect addition to my week and a little bit of time to get my creative juices flowing.

And of course, to see what kind of insanely awesome projects some of you are attempting. You go, girls!

I guess I haven't even scratched the surface or dared wonder if Pinterest covers potty training. 

I better go check.


  1. I honestly think my life had been so boring without Pinterest!

    What I Love about Pinterest:

    1.) My husband is happy that I can make our home even cuter on a shoestring budget.

    2.) I really enjoy working my brain with some neat, creative juices that flow on Pinterest. It is refreshing when I complete a project.

    3.) As a home school mom, life can be down right depressing at times. This is a great way to break out and do something for oneself and yet, at the same time, the final project is shared by everyone in the household.

    4.) It has shown me how to refurbish or recycle something "old" that I would have tossed out.

    5.) Personally, I only pin something I know I will do.

    It has taken about a year to really start figuring out how Pinterest works. My kids laugh at the whole Pinterest term as well. They always ask if something is from Pinterest. When I do say yes, they are really impressed with the final product. :)

  2. Ha! So cute! I am still trying to explain to my kids how Daddy and I could ever have possibly gone longer than 15 minutes without talking to each other when I was in college. You know...back in the olden days before cell phones!

  3. I'm totally addicted as of late... and I'm not even a member. I just go to other people's "Pin" sites.

  4. BTW. Found these for you:


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