Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fertile Surroundings

It seems that Colleen beat me to this post, but all last week I was contemplating how baby bumps in Blogville are becoming more rounded! Babies are on their way all around and I am so happy to be celebrating with each one of you.

Babies are beginning to arrive and coming soon to a number of my IRL friends and family as well. Remember this post?

I cannot help but praise God along with all of these women as they await their little ones!

Here are just a few of them, off the top of my head:

Mommy Business

Shower Of Roses

Bountiful Blessings

Meet Me At The Gates

Pinewood Castle

Heavenly Perspective

May you all be blessed during the remainder of your pregnancies!

And who knows, with all of the fertility around perhaps a little will rub off on me??!! I'm hopeful that it will.


  1. Sorry I stole your thunder ;)

    It is quite a phenomenon lately, all these beautiful babies and their pro-life mommies!

  2. I keep hearing of more moms with April due dates! Isn't it funny - Shower of Roses is due on Christmas and mine's due Easter. We'll all have to get together and rub our baby bumps on you! LOL! Really though - do you have that novena Margaret recommends?

  3. No, no Colleen..steal my thunder any time!! LOL!! All I can say is 'great minds'...

    Okay Tracy, if you can arrange for you and Jessica to come rub your baby bumps on me...I'd take it! :)

    And no, I don't think I have Margaret's novena..please email it to me!! I'd love to have it!


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