Saturday, September 26, 2009

Celebrating 7

I am officially the mom of a SEVEN year old! Can I believe it? Hardly. Lily has grown from a little peanut of a baby weighing in at 7 lbs. 8 oz to a little peanut of a girl at 42 lbs. My skinny-minny, she is.

Last weekend we were with a good number of Reed's family in Duluth, along with my parents, so we celebrated with cupcakes (somehow mommy managed to miss out on getting a photo of that-oops!). Yesterday, Lily celebrated with two of her dear friends when they came over to visit.

The Butterfly Cake:

The Crew:

Handprint Craft Project:

Happy Birthday to my little LuLu!!


  1. Happy Birthday!! Wow, your oldest is seven?!?! My oldest will be seven in February, just typing that makes me feel really old :(

    She is a beautiful young lady, and you are gonna be in major trouble when she starts dating!

  2. Happy birthday and many blessings to your sweet girl!! I think I have a couple girls that would love your daughter!!!

    Beautiful cake!! Good job!


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