Thursday, September 24, 2009

Do Unto Others

We've put up the above poster on the pantry door in the kitchen. For those visiting us, I suppose it seems a bit odd. For those of us who live and exist here every day, it's a reminder. And for this mama who is trying to raise her precious children, it serves as a guideline in daily discipline.

The last few weeks have brought about an increased amount of infractions in the family kindness category. I wish I knew where it came from. Perhaps it's the sibling rivalry setting in or the kids' ages. Either way, it's unacceptable.

The poster serves as a visual for me to point out to the children how the hitting/kicking/verbal unkindness do not build up another family member. No, it's not ALL the time, nor is it wildly aggressive. It is, however, happening more than I would like in my domestic church.

Due to this behavior, it's also given me more time to teach kindness, love and care toward our family members and others. It also brings about discussion on our role as a family member and reminders that we are all in this together and we desire peace and harmony in our home. Some of this, lost on the children, but I will forge on.

How much easier is it to be kind and loving toward our neighbor outside our front door than it is to the ones who live with us? So much easier most often. It's easier for us to show our true colors and moods to those dear ones in our family, rather than those on the outside.

There is a lesson here for all of us. And a reminder that I am the mama who is at the heart of my home and need to guide it in such a direction that love, mercy and compassion are overflowing out our door.


  1. Great little reminder.

    My kids definitely go through phases of being extra rough with each other. We also keep trying to discipline and raise them to LOVE each other unconditionally.

    Sometimes I feel like putting on a referee shirt, blowing a whistle and calling a timeout on everyone :)

  2. I LOVE this poster. I used to have it in my classroom when I taught 2nd grade:)

    Such a wonderful begins in the home. Happy Thursday:)


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