Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wordless Wednesday (Almost):Last Week of Summer

Otherwise titled:
'If you're gonna have your kids sit in a van for two hours to drive to an appointment, you better find some fun places to stop at on the way home'

Don't forget to stop for treats!

HT to Tracy! Thanks!


  1. I was gonna say - that looked so familiar I almost thought someone had copied my photos! LOL!

    Ok, next time, stop at another fun place - my house! We're just a few miles off of Hwy 10. OR we could have met you at P&T!

    We are still trying to get out your way . . .

  2. Nice rest stop - looks like fun!!

  3. I know it Tracy! After I looked back at your post I realized that I could've just photo-shopped your kids out and put in mine!! Ha.
    And yes, thought of you as we passed through, but we had been gone since 8 am to head to my Dr. appt. and I knew the day would get to be just too long as it was. Next time though!!


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