Monday, September 28, 2009

Have You Tried These?

Pumpkin Spice Hershey Kisses

Pumpkin Harvest & Fall Febreze

It's autumn and it's putting me in the mood for the warmth of indoors and the smells of the season. There's nothing like a good pumpkin scented candle, but when that's not available I just spray a little of the Febreze limited edition spray instead. Makes my house feel all warm and homey in a quick minute.

My latest find at the store were the Hershey Kisses. They bring the season inside your mouth with the taste of pumpkin and spice. It's like eating a piece of pumpkin pie, minus all of the calories. Unless, of course you eat half the bag, well then you may just be better off with the piece of pie. I am not a HUGE pumpkin pie girl, but even I enjoy these new candies!

And just so you know, the Hershey's are on SALE this week at Target (2/$5). Worth mentioning and worth trying!

Happy Autumn Everyone!


  1. Yummy, I'll have to check these out!! Thanks :)

  2. OK, now I think I need to go to Target!

  3. Autumn finally blew in - isn't it nice and blustery?

    Thanks for the tips - gotta love anything pumpkin!

  4. Love this post and love Autumn. So happy I came upon your blog. I found it through a link from Pinewood Castle blog. I'm now a follower :)

    thanks for sharing and God bless!


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