Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Of All That Defines

It's a blog carnival at Jennifer's Conversion Diary this week and when I read Mommy Monkey's post, I knew I had to join in. Jennifer is asking what our "defining post" is that captures the spirit of our blog.

I was almost sure I could fine the exact one and I think I did. If you follow me here, you know that I often share tidbits of everything and about my children. You also know that this blog was started through the journey of secondary infertility and although that is not what it is ALL about as it was in the beginning, it still defines a certain portion of this blog. You also know that my blog name was not chosen by accident. So, I chose the post Hope & Faith written this spring as my "defining post" to share with you.


  1. Thank you for sharing your defining post, Sarah. What I just read really shines a light on who you are the the beautiful desires of your heart.

    It may seem like a strange thought to you, but to me your hopeful heart strikes me as a great gift. There is beauty in longing, faith, hope and perseverance. Many mothers, even Catholic pro-life ones, often struggle with dread at the thought of a new pregnancy or of going through labor and the newborn phase all over again.

    I recently met with a friend expecting her 5th and she was so tired and hormonal and so sick of comments from both friends and strangers that she seemed so heavy laden with a cross. It is hard, but it is worth it in the end. If only all mothers had your openness and longing it would keep their hearts fresh with hope.

  2. Thanks Tracy! Yes, I often feel almost 'cursed' with my hopeful heart. God bless it, but many times especially in the infertility journey it has made things more difficult to bear. Trust me, I've even tried not to have it, but it gets me every time! :) Thank you for the encouragement today! It's always appreciated!


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