Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: Harvest Of Plenty


  1. This is wildly impressive!! You go, girl:) Someday I'd like to get here.

    PS...LOVE the new fall colors on your blog. This is such a fun time of year:)

  2. Wow!!! I'm impressed too, wish I could can!!!

    Love the new picture of you and the new look over here!!

  3. Thanks ladies! I love having a stocked cupboard with all of our canned goodies to head to in the winter. Makes all of the work worth it. It does take time, but the rewards are great!

    I'm happy with my new blog colors as well. It took awhile to find exactly what I wanted, but was comfortable with this one heading into autumn. I was SO sick of my profile picture, so I am HAPPY I got Reed to take this one last week!

  4. Loving the longer hair of your new profile picture! you and your little girl are like mini-me's (minus the difference in curliness)

    thanks for your kind comment... i am still not so sure about these bangs, but glad I didn't chop my hair short again! :)

    as for canning - hip, hip hooray! We are going to do ours starting next week I hope. Apples were on sale for 59 cents a pound, and seriously, how can you NOT stock up when they are that cheap? Haven't found a place that we could pick our own or anything like that around here yet, but we shall see. This whole first year will be an experiment, that's for sure!

    So do you do apple-pie filling, apple sauce, and apple butter?

  5. Hello Sarah,
    Really enjoying the new look too! Inspirational pictures of canning--someday I hope to learn how to can.:) Praying for Fr. Mark. Hoping all the Dr. visits go well and pray for you during this time. I know many that have struggled with what you are going through. Please say 'hi' to Fr. Greg (college friend)and have a blessed week.
    PS Think I might have to try those PB muffins----looks yummy!!!

  6. Stacey- I haven't tried apple butter yet. A co-worker of my hubby's just brought some in and shared the recipe though..super easy. Might have to try it next year!

    Cheri-thanks for the continued prayers. They are appreciated. I'll be sure and tell Fr. Greg 'hi' next time I see him.


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