Saturday, February 14, 2009

You Can't Go By Yourself!

In my house, last night:

Sister: Tomorrow I'm going to a birthday party.
Brother: Can I come too?
Sister: No, only I was invited.
Brother: But I'll miss you so much. You can't go by yourself.
Sister: It's only going to be girls there and we'll just be sitting around.
Brother: I like boring things.
Sister: You'll have fun staying home with mommy and daddy.

Here is where daddy and mommy intervened and offered to have as much fun as possible with Brother while Sister is away.

Growing up is hard to do and there are lessons to be learned...together, we'll all get through it. But today, our house is going through some growing pains...


  1. OH, that's just the sweetest thing in the world!!

    I really love homeschooling for that reason, they stay best friends (and sometimes worst enemies too) for a long time! They truly love and miss eachother!


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