Thursday, February 12, 2009

Can You Help Me?

I am requesting your help, blogville mommies everywhere!!

I would like to do a Nature 'club'/get together for 4-6 weeks here in the spring once the snow has melted. I am hoping to do a rotating, weekly get together of young children either at the homes of our homeschool group or at local parks and go on nature/adventure walks and discover what spring is bringing us.

I am possibly looking for a simple nature guide for young children that may be helpful/useful in our walks. Do you know of one and where I can get it? I will be doing some searching at our local libraries, but if you have a good one you can suggest please leave me a comment.

I appreciate it! Thanks!


  1. Go here:

    Tracy is also a MN blogger and she started a St Francis Nature Club and has info!!

  2. Did I ever get back with you on Christian Serriano's flip flop rant?

    Seriously, I took his words to heart. ;)

    He said he was "so over" them, enough already. He was saying a great neutral shoe can make you look much more polished and put together. I happen to adore black ballet flats, so those are my flip-flop alternative now. Just as comfy, and looking much better.


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