Friday, February 20, 2009

Quick Take Friday

1. I recently saw an ad for Shape Up Shoes in a parenting magazine. The ad cites that they are ideal for us moms who are busy (which is ALL of us) and don’t have time to spend exercising. They also claim that in wearing them 30 minutes a day we can lift buns, tone legs, and strengthen your core. Ok, they got me. I’m in relatively good shape, but would LOVE to have the stronger core muscles and the toned legs. Not so worried about the buns, I must confess. And yet, I am skeptical and very intrigued by this product. I read the testimonials on their website and it seems that there are some happy costumers out there. I am still quite interested…so, the torn out ad from the magazine still sits on my counter by the computer.

Why can’t I decide if these ‘revolutionary’ shoes are for me? I think one reason is the cost. Not that they are expensive, but I always debate on anything I buy for myself and rarely rush into a purchase. The other reason may have to do with deciding whether I really am a busy enough mom to qualify for them. I usually do have time to exercise and try to set aside time throughout the week to do it. However, on the other hand, the shoes are also supposed to help with circulation, which would be great for me considering how many hours I am on my feet each day. Hmm…I’ve got to think more on these..Will I be able to justify the purchase??

2. I have a confession to make. I just realized yesterday that I have become a library junkie! Hey, not that that’s a bad thing. No, really though, I’ve loved reading and books since a young age and I am so happy to have children and be able to nurture them through literature. We always continue to add to our home library and we used to make occasional trips to the local library, but in the last 1 ½-2 years the trips are more frequent. Now I am realizing that any chance we get, I like to drop in and pick up some books. Although we don’t live in a town big enough to provide a local library, we have three towns within 20 minutes of us that do. And boy, do we use them! I am glad to be an at-home, homeschooling mom who can take my kids to the library at any time of day and enjoy wandering down the aisles and looking in the bins of books to pick out the new adventures that await us. The kids enjoy making their choices and adding them to our growing stack to take home. I enjoy enlightening my children’s minds and teaching them a love for books and for reading. Now, if only there were a Starbuck’s inside the local libraries like there is at Barnes & Noble.

3. I am happy to announce….Gotcha! See, you thought I was going to announce something really exciting. Ok, sorry. No, I am happy to announce that I am at peace. In a groove. Settled. Content. Whatever you want to call it, I am there. It’s hard to explain, but for me it’s a very good thing. Not that I was not before, but you know how it is when things just seem to be all in line. Ducks in a row. Rainbows and sunshine. Dare I say, perfect? I know, not really, but as close as we can get it here on earth.

This week I am feeling a sense of calm and peace from just about every angle and in every area that has given me struggle and hardship: infertility, discipline, motherhood, etc. I am choosing to embrace my vocation of motherhood more fully and a spirit of patience and gentleness. I am working on nutritional aspects of my health to hopefully help with my infertility issue. In doing even these little things, I am finding my heart and my spirit at peace. This is SO important as I take care of my little domestic church and I realize that. Is every issue completely resolved? Not hardly. But I know that I am trying and I am doing what I can for today. I cannot even begin to express the shadow that infertility can cast on so many areas of your life when you are in it. The darkness and sadness can some days be overwhelming and can cover all of the joy and happiness of life and things going on around you. I have learned though that it cannot defeat me. I have remained strong in prayer and in the truth of faith and in the hope that God will provide me with the grace and strength I need to get through this. The weight is enormous at times, but a week that’s been as good as this, helps me remain faithful to my hopeful heart.

That said, why do I feel like I am waiting for the other shoe to drop? For things to go sour? Human nature I guess. Or is it pride before the fall?? Yikes. Hope not. Stay tuned.

4. Did you realize that the season of lent is upon us? Probably. Unlike me, who last week was wondering what all the hubbub was about when it was mentioned everywhere in the Catholic circuit. And then I looked in our parish bulletin last Sunday and realized it’s next week. Where was I? I think I was somewhere in the thought that it’s a few weeks away and I have lots of time yet to dwell on what we’ll be doing for out Lenten journey. Oops. Guess not. So, I was glad when I found this Lenten Adventure to sign up for and they will send me emails throughout the season to help me along. Check it out and sign up for their FREE emails!

5. I am so excited when I open my email Inbox and see that I have comments from my blog!! I know, a little silly. I can’t tell you how I enjoy getting a comment from someone new, so I return the favor and find out about them and checkout their blog. And then there are the faithful friends that I’ve suddenly made from miles apart. What blessings! Let me say, I am amazed to have found so many faithful women and moms. Each day I am honored and graced with reading the words of some blessed women. Each writes from the heart and inspires me in my daily walk in the Catholic faith and in motherhood. I have begun to blog WAY more than I used to and I look forward to it. Not that I have so much to say or do it with eloquence, but I have always loved to write and I enjoy sharing the little bit I do with others. And yes, I’ve probably become a blogging junkie now too!!

6. My little Jonah, has at times been the thorn in my side. Bless that little boy, but he is a tough one. Perhaps he’s been this way all his life, but most evidently so in the last couple years in toddler hood. He is strong-willed, determined, and stubborn. Whatever you want to call it. But it wears on this dear mommy daily, so I have changed my approach especially in the morning.

I enjoy having my routine and getting myself all ready to greet the day, including my prayer time, before little ones wake up. When little boy arrives early in the morning and I haven’t done those things, it makes for a rough start to the day. Add that to the fact that little boy is not a morning person and it’s a recipe for a bad morning. Literally, he wakes up crabby. Most mornings he comes out of his room and within minutes (and some days even seconds!) he is grouching about in our home. I think he’s really still tired and shouldn't’t even be out of bed. (It is usually well before 7:00 am when his little feet come pattering down the hall)

I’ve decided to approach it differently these days and just leave him alone until he’s ready. I don’t push him to eat breakfast right away and some days I even allow him to watch cartoons for a while before breakfast so that he can be alone until he’s ready. It may not be the best solution, but so much happier in the morning. The days go a little better, but not without stubborn fits and determination from that little boy. We’ll get through it. With a little love and discipline. A friend recently said of her boys, “they’re either going to drive me to the grave or help me work off my purgatory time here on earth”. Oh, how true.

7. Last Friday, Reed and I were able to spend our special day together and celebrate Valentine’s a day early too. We did not go to the movie and dinner as we had planned, but instead spent the afternoon just the two of us together and ended with dinner out. We had a wonderful time just being together and most importantly, engaging in uninterrupted conversation. We enjoyed a nice, early dinner and we were home by 6:30 pm. I know, early, but we were ready to get back to the kids. It was good for us to reconnect throughout hubby’s 3 days home for the weekend, since his long hours at work have not allowed that recently. I’m always thankful for time with Reed to rekindle our love..And when he plans it, all the better.

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  1. Spirited children are such blessings AND tough at times!

    Congratulations on your peaceful heart!

    Great takes.


  2. I think the "spirited" children make us appreciate the others more. And appreciate them more because of that, because of those differences!

    Those shoes intrigue me too, get them, then you can tell me how they work! I know it's supposed to feel like walking in sand!

    I was going to say more....oh, yes, so happy you are feeling content, I get the same way, when is it my turn? When is something bad going to happen? We CANT let the devil have that much credit!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I mean by the 2nd "them" the spirited children, appreciating them more too!

  4. hello :)
    I just found your link on the conversion diary :)
    I really like your post and I'm probably going to read more..
    quick reaction to your 7 (not so )quick takes:
    #1 did you think of making them? using old/cheap flip flops and add some foam under the toes (I'm sorry I don't know the name for it, it's similar to make up sponges, like a triangle, but bigger, you put it under a door to hold it) Ok it won't be pretty or very comfy, but you get to try the whole thing! :)

    And I felt very close to you when you say you're amazed to meet so many other woman who are trying to live up to their call as wives and mothers. I was so glad to find those blogs with advices, tips and encouragement!
    See you around ;)


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