Thursday, February 26, 2009

Name Meme

Jaime tagged me for this one! Give it a try!

Copy the questions from my post and paste them in a new post on your blog. Erase my answers and put yours in. Use the first letter of your name to answer ALL of the following questions. If the person before you has the same 1st letter pick a new one. You CAN NOT use anything twice, and you CAN NOT use your own name for the boy/girl question. After you are done, tag 5 people.......

1. What is your name?: Sarah
2. A 4 letter word: such
3. A boy's name: Sebastian
4. A girl's name: Sophia
5. An occupation: scientist
6. A color: salmon
7. Something you wear: sweater
8. A Food: sushi
9. Something found in the bathroom: shampoo
10. A place: Spain
11. A reason for being late: So Sick!
12. Something you shout: "Sit down!"
13. A movie title: Shrek
14. Something you drink: Strawberry Daiquiri
15. An animal: Squirrel
16. A song title: "She Was Watching" by Mark Schultz
17. A verb: sing

I've decided not to tag anyone since many of you are on your Lenten Journey and that may include less blogging time. So, instead leave me a comment if you decide to do this meme so that I can check it out!

Happy Snowy Thursday!

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