Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Little Cleaning and Organization...

....goes a long way!

Over the weekend, I felt the urge to attack my linen closet in the bathroom and do some major purging. It wasn't really that it was THAT bad, but more that it felt cluttered and disorganized and bursting with STUFF. I am an organizer. I like things functional and organized, so when something like a closet suddenly feels overwhelming and messy, I drop everything and get right to it. I started by tossing everything I no longer use (hair products, lotions, etc.). Then I went through all of our over the counter meds. and got rid of anything that was expired (trust me, more things than I realized!). Finally, I went through the linens and put aside any that I no longer needed/used/liked for Goodwill. After taking EVERYTHING out of that closet, I re-organized the small things back into baskets and everything else on its proper shelf. I even had extra space so that our toilet paper could be put on a shelf instead of on the floor by the laundry basket where it used to reside. In the end, I had a pile of stuff for Goodwill and a garbage bag full of junk to throw. Not bad. What a rewarding project!

Here's an organizing tip for you: Perhaps someone has already come up with this one, but I had a *light bulb* moment while re-folding my linens to go back in the closet. I took each set of linens that were folded and put them inside one of the pillowcases for that set. I then folded over the excess pillowcase and all was contained in a neat package. I love that the whole set is all together and I won't have to go hunting to find the complete set or have fitted sheets unfolding every time I take something off the shelf! It's going to come in handy too during the night when we are delirious and need to make an emergency sheet change for a certain little boy!! (You can see the neat packages on the top shelf in my completed picture.)

*Disclaimer: from the pictures it may be hard to see the difference, but there really was a lot of stuff hidden in the back of that closet!*

Mission: Disaster!

Mission: Completed!

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  1. Great job, the closet looks super!

    I'm going to have to try that pillow case thing, cool idea!

    After cleaning something like that, isn't it just fun to keep walking by and looking at it? :)


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