Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lucy & Dwight: My Look Alikes

Nothing exciting to post today since we all have some strain of sore throats/cold headache/tired ickies in our house.

I thought I'd post these recent pictures instead. Lily is fascinated by the character of Lucy in the Chronicles of Narnia movies and with her shorter hair, well, she's VERY Lucy. She likes to dress up and then ask me if she looks like Lucy. Here she is the other day, complete with curled hair (as much as her straight hair can be curled!), cape and pretty dress.

Do you watch The Office? If you do, you are very familiar with the character of Dwight. We have this old pair of glasses that we acquired from somewhere and occasionally they resurface. When they do and Jonah finds them, we have Dwight in our house. Here's our little Dwight.

Happy Thursday!


  1. How cute!
    Hope your all doing better soon. We're trying to kick the ickies out too.

  2. LOVE your little Lucy... and I seriously think "Dwight" may be the most hilarious character ever written. ;)


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