Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Noah's Ark Replica

Have you seen this???

I received an email with pictures of this project the other day. It looks like the replica has been open for awhile, but the pictures were just too amazing not to share them. Maybe your children will enjoy them as much as mine did. Too bad it's in the Netherlands, otherwise we'd have to seriously consider making a family trip to see it!

Check out this site to see the story behind the project and the man who built it. Be sure to scroll down to click on the thumbnails too!

Excellent work, Mr. Huibers!

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  1. What a wonderful link!

    Have you seen the movie, "Evan Almighty." The story of a modern day Noah. It's a newer, wonderful Christian family movie. On the DVD extras you can watch how they built an ark to scale for the film. It help my kids put it in perspective.

    A museum wanted to buy it for people to walk through, but they could not figure out how to transport it from the film site to the museum.

    Instead, they took the pieces and recyled, donated, and sent them off to Habitat for Humanity.


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