Saturday, February 28, 2009

It's Still Winter

The cold temperatures have returned and we received more snow again the other day. Our world here is again a Winter Wonderland. A reminder that we live in MinneSNOWta and winter is never considered 'over' until sometime in May! Oh well. It's a time to look how far we've come and that this too shall pass, even if it is another month for sure (probably longer) before we can officially put the season behind us. I eagerly await spring with its brown grass (no really, it doesn't truly get green until late spring) and flowers peeking out everywhere. I just had to take a moment to look back at some of the cute pictures I was able to capture over the winter. I will admit, white snow does make for some treasured memories for my children's photo albums!


  1. Cute pictures!!

    Yes, isn't it funny how we love the snow in December? AT least I do!! Then by the end of February, I"m done with it!! I sure hope Easter is warm this year, I remember nice warm Easters as a little girl, I don't think my kids have ever had a warm Easter!

    Global warming? Baloni!

  2. I enjoyed your pictures. Your kids make great subjects amidst all the snow!
    I'm looking forward to spring coming, too!


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