Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Presentation of Jesus in the Temple (rewind)

Ok, generally I am an on-the-ball, efficient, organized momma. I am still working on that in the Saints feasts and Church celebrations department. Excuse me, but I'm gonna get better! Really.

Any way, yesterday was the Presentation of Jesus in the Temple and due to my lack of planning, I only realized this during my morning prayer. Oops. I did some looking in mommy-blogville and found some great ideas for recipes and crafts. With my limited time and lack of supplies, the best we could do was bake a cake and focus on the offering of St. Joseph ad Mary: two doves. We had read a short story of the Presentation during school and then I had Lily give a brief (prompted) re-telling of the story at mealtime with daddy. And, since we have two children, it worked out perfectly to have each of them bring their dove offering/candle to the table and we ate by candlelight. Not bad for last minute I'd say.

Today is the feast of St. Blase (a name we almost gave to Lily, had she been a boy!). I'm going to do better today. We have Mass at noon and will receive the throat blessing.

I'm looking for an excellent book that will help our family celebrate these feasts (simply and with ease) and I've seen lots of options out there. Do you have a favorite book that helps guide your Catholic family celebrations?


  1. You did a super job!!! That cake looks delicious!!

    Even something simple will help the kids remember something special from everything!

    My favorite resources are first Jessica at Showerofroses.blogspot.com She is the greatest!!

    Another is Barbara at Prayingforgrace.blogspot.com

    And my books, which I think are the same as Jessica's are The Catholic Parent Book of Feasts, A Year with God (CHC), and The Big Book of Catholic Customs and Traditions. There is another cook book for feast days, can't think of it right now, but I bought it for my friend Sarah, it's another good resource.

    And then just adding your own special touch and thoughts on each feast, like you did!

    We did try the crepes and they were delicious. I've never made them before and they were really easy and fun. The kids loved them!

  2. Looks great we did nothing I am so embarrased, I just ordered those books form Amazon to get me moving!


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