Friday, January 27, 2012

Words Of Wisdom: Don't Blink

Over at Suscipio this week there was this post, which couldn't have come at a better time. In a nutshell, it perfectly cast a light onto all of the worries and fear that have accumulated over the last weeks.

There's something about planning a first birthday party for my baby and at the same time planning for the imminent labor & delivery of another baby. Both, within a week or two of one another.

God is in the details and all will be well. I know this to be true because He's sent me reminders this week that tell me so.

A must read for those of us in the trenches--you know, I never thought it would be ME in THESE trenches. I'm glad it is though because it's going to give me a lot of new perspective of all that matters and will also help me work on that Tranquility thing.

Thank you, Elizabeth Foss, for the beautiful post. I will surely be reading it over and over again.

BTW, the above photo is Gianna as a newborn. No new baby to post about...yet.


  1. All in God's timing, right? I've found that when I let go and actually let God lead my life, it goes the best. Praying for you in this homestretch and looking forward to your baby post!

  2. OK, first of all, you can't show pictures of a baby--any baby because I had a heart throb thing happen, only to realize you didn't have your baby yet....this is Gianna, right? to read (or try to read the linked post)

    God bless you!!

  3. Oops, sorry Jamie. I was going to make a point to mention that the photo was in fact Gianna. Sorry. Better do that right away :)

  4. OH, my gosh, I'm still crying from that post, what a great post!

    Love the line "The devil is in the details." So very true for this mama, I need to remember that one and get him out.


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