Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: On A Warm Winter Day


  1. Then why are they so bundled up? Or maybe a MN definition of warm is different than mine ;)

  2. Ok, ok, Colleen, so it does look a bit deceiving doesn't it?

    It was 50 degrees out yesterday, which by MN standards is warm. However, I wasn't about to go unpacking the lighter coats in January. We know it's not gonna last. And, my kids have in their mind it's winter and therefore winter coats, hats and boots must be worn no matter how warm it is!! lol. As for me, I had a light coat on, shoes and no gloves. I was def. taking advantage of it!!

    Out my window this's windy, snowing and the temp is under 30 degrees!! Brrr....


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