Friday, January 20, 2012


Thank you, man in the brown uniform and Mr. FedEx for delivering big boxes to my doorstep today.

Although the weather is warmer than yesterday, I don't know that me and my belly will be bundling up to head out.

But at least the kids are provided with endless entertainment and imagination to busy themselves.

Who cares what's in the box when it comes with oodles of packaging paper?

Delivery men, my kids and my sanity thank you.

Happy Friday!


  1. Did it have the packing bubbles? My kids go bananas over those bubbles!

  2. Yes, both the packing paper and bubble wrap are favorites around here too!

    Hooray for the delivery men!!

    (Especially the ones with doggie treats to keep the canine happy too!)

  3. LOL! Its the little things...

  4. Are you making a baby over there? Well, he/she is made, but are you in the hospital? I don't like it too quiet on this blog...


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