Wednesday, January 25, 2012

When He Wants A Baby Brother

Have you ever seen this book? I ran across it last year, just weeks before Gianna was born. Perched upon a shelf, on display at the library. It caught my eye and thought it may be a good read for my boy who was determined that baby would definitely be a boy.

We read the book a couple of times and I fell in love with it. The little boy is so sure that his mom is having a baby boy and he keeps mentioning it throughout the book. Baby will not be a girl, he's sure of it. He keeps being reminded that baby could be a sister and that no matter what, when he sees his sibling he'll know that it's exactly what he wanted all along.

The last couple of pages:

'I bend down and kiss my little baby sister's head, and I feel all soppy and silly.'

'And Mom was right. I did get the kind I wanted all along-even if I didn't know it.'

This book really helped last time around getting Jonah to the point of understanding that baby could be a sister. Our family would be blessed no matter what the gender of baby and our prayer was that baby would arrive safe and healthy.

The book jumped out at me again recently at the library.

Sure, we all think baby IS in fact a boy this time around, but we could all be very surprised come baby day. And for a boy who REALLY wants a brother THIS time around, we probably need to read the book another couple of times as a little reminder.


  1. That book looks so sweet...we need one of the opposite for Maggie when I'm pregnant again.

    And you could borrow a boy of ours if this baby turns out to be a girl ;)

  2. sweet:)

    Just picked up a book for Little Man titled I'm A Big Brother. He is so excited!

  3. When we were having our 2nd girl, Nicholas was 4, and when we found out she was a girl, he seemed sad, we asked him why he was sad, and he said "because I only have enough kisses for mom and Katherine" Broke my heart!!! Sometimes their reasons are different than we think. He's had enough kisses for 4 sisters!! God took care of that!

    That book looks adorable!

  4. I have 5 daughters and 1 son. Each pregnancy, Joseph has prayed and waited for delivery only to find that it was "another sister". This time, we decided to find out so that he could be prepared if he was indeed getting another sister. His little brother is due in the next 4 weeks and he is sooooo excited! He randomly tells strangers when we're out running errands that he's finally getting a brother. He loves his sisters, but he's really looking forward to having another boy in the house.


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