Tuesday, November 9, 2010

November Daybook

For Today...11.9.10

Outside My Window...another nice day on tap before the cold air hits again later this week.

I Am Thinking...about Christmas lists and Baby names. What a combination!

I Am Thankful For...family time over the weekend; free movie matinee of Marmaduke at the theatre; lunch with grandpa & grandma at Pizza Hut; numerous odds and ends completed around home. Sweetness!

I Am Praying...for a mom from our homeschool group who is due with triplets (all girls) around the same time I am. I know she'd appreciate any extra prayers we can send her way.

I Am Reading...A Gathering of Angels by Katherine Valentine

Baby This Week...26 weeks and moving around regularly with frequent jabs that catch mommy off guard; enjoys responding to big brother and big sister by kicking back; he/she should weigh around 2 lbs. by now.

Favorite Pregnancy Foods...summer sausage, bagels and any cereal. Nothing fancy.

Around The House...little by little hubby is adding the finishing touches on the family room/playroom in the basement. This should allow for Baby's Room to be rid of the Little People/Polly Pocket World it has become.

From The School Room...steady days starting 2nd quarter and a number of fall/Thanksgiving projects will adorn the bulletin board once again.

From The Kitchen...going day by day lately with the menu plans, but I'm frequently using my Betty Crocker app on the iPod Touch for recipe ideas. I've found quite a few keepers lately.

For The Rest Of The Week...Norwex party tonight; visit to a Poor Clare's convent an hour away tomorrow with our Little Flowers group; Reed is off from work for Veterans Day on Thursday.

One Of My Favorite Things...the way my growing belly has become a bongo drum and source of entertainment for the kids. Not to mention Jonah's growing fascination and love for baby. Too sweet.

Picture Thought I Am Sharing...

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  1. Oh, the Poor Clare's convent. Lovely. My Mabel just read about St. Elizabeth of Portugal yesterday and how she, as a widow, lived the life of a Poor Clare. She never took the vows thinking it more wise to continue her role as queen, helping the poor.

  2. OK, I thought of you the other day, and decided (as if I have any say) that if you have a girl, her name should be Gianna Grace...for obvious reasons. Isn't that beautiful?

  3. Colleen--you're too cute! Okay, we'll def. consider your vote :) Although I will say that the name Gianna is rating VERY high on our girl name list...Gianna Rose though since we received a number of roses during this pregnancy and St. Therese has been hinting at her intercession along with St. Gianna. We do have one other girl name that we are fond of as well, so I think it's between those two right now.

    Patty--we just talked about St. Clare at our last Little Flowers meeting and then started a discussion on the Poor Clare's and one of the moms went ahead and called them for a visit. They are thrilled to have us come!! We are looking forward to the field trip.


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