Tuesday, November 23, 2010

At Home Manicure

Who needs Oprah's Favorite Things when you've got bloggers who share their finds?! And let me add that ours are far less expensive than Oprah's any day.

I received the Seacret Dead Sea Manicure Set as a birthday gift and I LOVE it!!

As a mom with rare moments for doing a little something extra for myself nor with the assets to afford regular nail care, this product is wonderful. Not a high-maintenance mama, I've never cared to spend salon prices maintaining me. I have, however, enjoyed when my hands are silky smooth and nails look decent.

This product only takes minutes to use every couple of weeks and makes my nails look healthy and shiny, as if they were cared for in a salon. I quickly file and buff the tops of my nails and there are no more flaws or ridges. They seriously shine as if I had clear nail polish on them. And it lasts for weeks!!

Treat yourself or give your hubby numerous hints for this Christmas gift item! It's great for getting and for giving too!

**I'm sure you may be able to find this at some malls depending on your area, in addition to online. My friend found it at MOA for those of you who are local.


  1. So...is this really that easy and rewarding to use?!? Don't tell my niece (who gave it to me), but come Christmas, it will have been in my bathroom cabinet for 2 yrs. Now I am so inspired to give it a try...thanks to you! Hope I enjoy it as much as you! ~Michelle H.

  2. Yes, Michelle!! It's really that easy. Give it a try. Only takes 5-10 mins. max every couple of weeks. Even did Lily's and she was thrilled with her shiny nails!! Enjoy.


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