Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Discarding And Reorganizing

I love blogging. I love the little place here in cyberspace that has allowed me to meet so many amazing women of faith, excellent role models and faithful friends.

But sometimes my blog list needs a little revamping. Don't get me wrong, I love reading others' posts. Sometimes though there are certain blogs that just don't 'hit' me as much as they did once upon a time. They last for a season and then I move on. Have you been there? It's not that the writer has nothing important to say, it's just not as pertinent in my life. At some point I came to realize that it's just fine not to be everyones Follower.

Recently I took another look at my list of Favorite blogs and realized that a number of them were ones I just barely skimmed their content when they popped up in Google Read. I do love Reader, don't you?

I also have a habit of Reader becoming a file cabinet of sorts. If there is a post I want to come back to to reread or even if I don't have time to comment and want to later on, I 'star' it and keep it in my Starred File. Every so often I need to do some housekeeping in that folder too because there is just too much stuff in there. Again, a post maybe inspired or touched me for a season (or a day or two) but no longer has the same affect. I've had to learn to let go of those precious Starred posts that just take up space.

Rest assured, if you are a faithful reader/follower/commenter here, I'm still sharing the journey with you and still reading from you. And even if you think that I am not out there reading your posts because I'm simply not commenting, rest assured that I still stop by. I'm just a little more silent these days.

I've also noticed that my numbers in Sitemeter have gone down a bit in recent weeks. No biggie. It's not like my pregnant brain has allowed for a whole lot of profound writing as of late. I hope you don't mind. I also hope the my frequent baby updates and pregnancy related themes have not become too much for you. Bear with me, really, there are other things going on here in our house, but the growing belly seems to be in the forefront of our minds. I'm sure you understand.

I still value my faithful readers and though far away, faithful friends. Thank you for always coming back here and encouraging my days!

And thanks for making it to the end of this otherwise rather boring, blogging housekeeping sort of post.

How do you keep your blog reading list to a minimum? Are you a blog junkie too?


  1. To keep it from consuming my day, I just read YOUR blog. That's it.

    (At least that's what I tell my favorite bloggers!)

    In all honesty, there's probably about 10 bloggers that I feel could be my actual friends if we lived closer. And out of those, about 4 have best-friend-potential. And you really are one of those in the elite group. Seriously!

  2. Oh Colleen, you always make me laugh!! I def. agree with you all the way. And yes, I also agree you'd make an awesome IRL friend. You are right at the top of my elite group too...now if only we could find a way to meet some day...I'm still thinking on that...

  3. Oh, this is a great post and so true!

    I try to visit everyone who stops by but it gets to be too much. Then once I've left a comment on that new person's blog, they never come back!!1

    I love google reader, I have several art blogs that I check just for the pictures and never actually go to their blog unless I use their idea.

    I should go through and sort my list of people, but there are many on there that rarely post and I don't want to miss a post if they do post.

    I am guilty, I'm a skimmer. I don't like wordy posts and I don't like when the person doesn't let me see it on Google reader. It's funny, because somehow googler reader counts the person as going to your blog, so it's silly to not let people read on google reader, right?

  4. Oh my goodness. So normal! I call the blog world, as I do all other areas of my life, the season of life. And what season you are in depends on your life and what is going on in it at the moment.

    Come January, everyone will be bored and blue will be posting or reading!

  5. well, for what it is worth--I enjoy the pregnancy posts and the fact is, when you are nourishing that little life--it IS the only thing you can focus on (at least for me...)

    as for blogging....I'm finding I don't have the energy to write anything and skimming has become the norm as I tiredly sit here! So, I'm with you there as well.

    and well, some of us don't blog so much for others--more for ourselves so.... well, um, I realize it gets boring for others. but it is what I have right now. :)

    I also need to clean up my reader because I am finding there are a lot that I don't check in on as well. And, blogger doesn't seem to be updating them either for a weird reason!

    happy reader-cleaning!

  6. I'm with you, I enjoy decluttering and the blog is one that just started getting some attention. I just had to un-follow a few blogs. The poor things - they never got any attention or comments, though they had great stuff - just not really as relevant to my life right now as the other ones.


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