Monday, November 8, 2010


Last week as I flipped channels on the television late in the afternoon, something caught my eye. The Backstreet Boys were reuniting as part of a surprise on a tv talk show (which shall remain nameless).

This I had to see.

I mean, I liked BSB back in the day and probably was more of a closet BSB fan than most girls at the time. But they were five guys...and they were so dreamy. You know you liked them too, just admit it.

Remember these album covers?

I think we all had our favorite. Mine was Kevin and sometimes even Brian.

So I waited and I watched for them to appear on the show. I had to check out how the guys had aged (and some of them even grown up).

Suddenly an unknown, forgotten giddy feeling came out of the blue while I watched. I could suddenly remember almost every word to their songs. It felt odd to be in my thirties and remember a day prior to my twenties when Boy Bands were all the rage. You couldn't go anywhere without seeing or hearing BSB or N SYNC (yup, you remember them too?).

They still had their harmonic sounds and their boy band ways, but now they're all grown up and we're all a little wiser. But man, it's amazing how a moment like that with all five back together again singing I Want It That Way can bring out the schoolgirl again.

I was smiling as I listened and I think I was even *blushing*.

And yes, when hubby arrived home I told him the whole story and we had a good laugh over it. I reminded him that even back then when I was single it wasn't like I 'even had a shot with one of those guys'. It was more about the mesmerizing ways of those handsome boy bands that caught most girls eyes. It seems so silly now and pretty hysterical that I still blush just by the mere mention of it. Oh boy.

I even half-heartily joked about hitting their concert when they are on tour in the spring with New Kids On The Block! No really, not gonna happen.

I mean maybe IF I were like a big fan or something. Hypothetically speaking.

***This slightly embarassing flashback moment brought to you by the slightly hormonal pregnant woman on the other side of the computer screen. We never need speak of this again.


  1. Pfffttt....In times like these, I'm planning on wallowing in the remembrance of innocent times gone by. I'm saving my money for that concert and wouldn't miss it for the world!

  2. Don't be shy! I love taking the road back into time. My fave was Shawn Cassidy...

  3. Can't say that I was ever into BSB but I was giddy over NKOTB! I don't remember their names.... and I certainly wouldn't go see them in concert! It is a fun memory to think back upon.

  4. I may have caught that show too :) I was glad that I am young enough that the BSB were the only ones I used to crush over!

  5. OK, this shows our age differences.....I just posted about Crystal Gayle....

    I never had dreamy eyes for any of these guys, don't even know their names, but I did have one CD, Tom bought for me when we were first married, because I liked some of their songs.

  6. Ahahaha! Yeah, my sister and I definitely were fans. I'm 24 and she's 26, so we were young teens back then. Although I preferred NSYNC to BSB. Isn't it funny how girls go crazy over something silly like that? It's like now with Justin Beiber. It's all so silly.

  7. This made me smile, I was definitely a BSB fan versus NSYNC! Thanks for bringing back old memories!

  8. OK, showing my age here -- my DAUGHTER was a big BSB fan. She was in her early teens... We all sang "Mmbop", "I Want it That Way"... and all the rest.

    My DD played piano back then and one day while we were shopping in the mall, she played "I Want it That Way" on a baby grand piano that was on display in the music store front. Within a minute, there were almost a dozen young men singing the lyrics in the main hall of the mall, trying to do their best on those dance moves, and harmonizing, too, right outside the music store!! It was a sight! :-)

    Thanks Sarah, for the wonderful memory you just brought back to me.
    Hey, I'd go to the concert if I had nothing else going on... wanna join me?! ;-)

  9. Yup, boy band crushes are a must for anyone our age! If they come to Mpls or St. Paul with NKOTB again, I'm there! (Actually a few co-workers are going to their Chicago concert...They haven't convinced me to join them - yet!)


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