Thursday, July 15, 2010

Status Report

Just three days after their first lesson, Lily is doing much better. Oh this mama is thrilled! She officially bobbed in the water along with the other little swimmers today. Hooray! Her head was fully immersed in the water at several intervals during today's lesson. We are so proud of her!

Today she looked more like this:

Maybe she just needed the goggles? That did seem to help today.

And Jonah is thriving as well. He still loves his lessons and his mid session report said that he's a very good listener and cooperates well. Every day he looks like he's really enjoying himself.

Today was the first day that he looked a little unsure when his class put on their life vests and they were told to jump in the water. Eventually though, he trusted them and he did it. I think he liked it.

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