Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Garden Tour

Stopping back in with garden updates from my little corner of the world. Some of these photos are from late last week that I didn't get posted and some are from this week.
Lilies of all sorts are in bloom in my garden and a new one is bursting open almost every day lately. Unfortunately, many of them I do not know the names of or they were ordered as a random mix from the seed company so there's no telling what the color actually is. Enjoy the blooms, despite the fact that they aren't quite as gorgeous as all of these gardens were!

Petite Daylily

Petite Daylily

Peach Fairy Lily

Our vegetable garden is doing pretty well, despite a couple of tomato plants having a little bit of blight already. Otherwise, the green and yellow beans are just starting to be harvested this week and I've already picked several bucketfuls and froze them for winter.

How does your garden grow? How are things looking in your yard? Share photos and leave a comment so I can stop on by your garden.


  1. I'm finally jumping in on this one! I've been wanting to for awhile.

    I think that some of those peach lilies are on my list for next year, those are really pretty.

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Beautiful!
    My garden is not faring so well. Between being beaten down by rain recently and my lack of any sort of green thumb, I don't have any flowers yet. There are a couple blossoms on a balloon flower plant... I'm hoping they will come out this weekend!

  3. what a beautiful garden. so many colored flowers blooming.


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