Thursday, July 8, 2010

How Do You Edit?

Photos, photos...

I enjoy taking them and I enjoy working with them on the computer, but numerous hours can easily be spent messing around with this little hobby.

It's one thing when I'm doing the work in order to make them ready for printing and framing, but it's another when it's just simply to post here on my blog. Most often I just opt to post them and be done. Forget the cutesy effects or borders, it's just easier to add the photo to the text and be done.

But sometimes I want to do a little more and darn it if it isn't a frustrating feat.

I know I've got some very talented bloggers in my midst who follow or read here and I'm always inspired by so many of you. When you are working with photos for posting, how do you do it? I've worked with Picnik and Photobucket, but they tend to stall my computer and spend so much time thinking and progressing through the simple tasks I'm trying to accomplish. Like those collages from the other day, you don't even wanna know how long that took! And I even have wireless internet at home! I do have photo editing software that I use at times, but sometimes I'm just looking for something fast and simple to make collages, add borders, effects, etc.

So, leave a comment you computer-blogging-photographing savvy people out there and let me know what works best for you. Anyone use Picasa Albums? Hints? Tricks? I'm open to it all!



  1. PICASSA!!! It's easy, fast, and awesome. Oh, and free!! I don't even use half of what it offers, but I crop, adjust the lighting, and make collages super fast. It did take me a while to realize that once you change a photo, you have to export it in order to use the adjusted version. Does that make sense? You'll see once you start working in there...and I can always teach you when you come visit me in October ;)

  2. we use picasa and gimp-both are free!

  3. Well since I only upload my pics to Flickr (which I adore) I use picnik which I also ADORE!!!

    It used to bog down my mac also, do you use a mac? Don't know what the deal is there, but I never have a problem with it on my HP laptop.

    I've heard great things about picasa but never tried it.


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