Monday, July 12, 2010

Complete Opposites

First day of swim lessons were this afternoon and I'm dreading tomorrow. Not for the child I assumed would have *issues* with lessons (ie. little boy).

Him? Oh he did fabulous. COULD NOT believe it! He cannot wait until his lesson again tomorrow. He even prayed a prayer in the van that the rest of today and tomorrow morning would go fast so that he could get to his next lesson! Seriously. I think I even saw him smile at his teacher today. That is saying A LOT, my friend. In his defense, I do sense that those Teenie-Bopper high school girls kinda have a thing for my little man. Heck, I do too a lot of the time. He spent his time splashing along with all of his other little new-to-the-pool comrades. I daresay he also looked more relaxed in the arms of a complete stranger than he does in mine or daddy's when we take him out swimming. Now that's interesting.

I really wasn't expecting to see this today. If you know Jonah, you'd know that he isn't exactly Mr. Eager To Make New Friends. For him to even touch another child that he just met is pretty monumental, let alone hold hands! Reed and I couldn't believe it when we saw it!!

And her? You want to know how lessons went for her today? Well, did you read the title of this post?! I will say that I must be thankful that it really wasn't THAT BAD, but considering that she's almost eight years old I figured lessons would be much easier on her than her brother. But wouldn't you know that Level 1 requires you to put your face in the water quite often. And my Paralyzed-in-fear-deathly-afraid-of-getting-her-face-wet girl would not stand for it. Between shivering cold (I think that was partly from nerves) and on the verge of complete lock-down, she actually did pretty darn good. The other stuff was easy for her and she even looked like she had fun, but as soon as she was asked to blow bubbles in the water or put her face in she dug in her heels and she would not budge. Thankfully, she has patient and gentle teachers. I just hope that she can get past this stumbling block. I really shouldn't have expected anything less since she has hated to get her face wet all her life. I just was so hopeful that the least of my worries would be my little girl.

Thankfully, tomorrow's a new day. I just hope that my stubborn girl doesn't dig her heels in even further.

Maybe I should look up the patron saint of swimmers. I think we need him or her desperately!


  1. Awww, poor Lily! I think the more she has access to the pool, the better she'll be. My oldest had some water fears when he was younger, and now he's a fish :)

    Go Jonah, you little heartbreaker ;)

  2. I think that fear thing is an "oldest child" thing. My oldest was the same way, he's 10 now and loves the water!!

    One thing that has really helped is wading pools! Yes, wading pools, they only go to like 2 feet, but they get comfortable doing things and getting splashed in the face a lot!!!

    I can see them get more and more comfortable with water each time we go.....we go alot!!

    Gosh, Sarah, I feel for you, swimming lessons weeks are so hard!!!


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